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Year of Frientimacy

2018: The Year of Frientimacy

13 Weeks toDevelop the Friendships We Crave


Year of Frientimacy

2018: The Year of Frientimacy

13 Weeks toDevelop the Friendships We Crave

I Invite You to devote the beginning of 2018 for Frientimacy so that you can reap the rewards for years to come!

We're Gathering Together The Women Who Value Better Friendships!

join Shasta Nelson, the author of Frientimacy: How to Deepen Your Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness this January 16-April 15, 2018 for 13 weeks of reading, learning, and engaging!


If I were to ask you how meaningful and deep your friendships feel to you on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the most fulfilling), what number would you answer?

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If you’re like the vast majority of women, then you have what I call an “Intimacy Gap”—a gap between your current fulfillment levels versus what you wish it were.  In fact, women are twice as likely to list as 1 or 2 as they are a 9 or 10, and about half of everyone surveyed (over 4,000 women!) self-reported under a 5. 

  • We have an epidemic of loneliness and for most of us it’s not because we don’t know enough people, but rather because we don’t feel close enough to the ones we already know.
  • We are more networked than ever and yet often feeling like we have no net of friends beneath us.
  • We don’t see each other often enough, feel safe enough to share too deeply, or feel good enough about them and their behaviors to feel the benefits of frientimacy.

Who Should Join this Group?

  • Did you score yourself under a 7 in the question about how satisfied you are in your friendships?
  • Do you catch yourself feeling lonely... even if you feel like you have friends?
  • Do you often leave events or time with others feeling unsatisfied? Wondering if it was worth the time? 
  • Do you have a lot of thoughts, ideas, and feelings in your body that often go unseen or unknown by those you call your friends?
  • When you think of your friends-- are they either mostly people you used to be close to but don't talk very often anymore and/or friends you see somewhat regularly but don't feel that close to?
  • Do you often wonder why some friendships seem effortless and others feel like so much work?
  • Do you wish you could just find that one person who would be your best friend?
  • Would you trade an hour of "small talk," "networking," and "socializing" for an hour with a deep and meaningful conversation with someone you love?
  • Do you often hear yourself make "justifiable excuses" -- too busy, more of an introvert, gotta focus on the kids-- to make yourself feel better for why you don't have the friendships you really want?
  • Do you sometimes feel like every friendship falls on you to keep it going? To calling? To scheduling? To staying in touch?

Basically... do you wish your friendships felt more fulfilling?  


The more you answered yes to the questions above...

Then this book, this group, and this time is designed just for you!!!

This group is designed for those of us who:

  • Believe our friendships are important and are willing to admit ours can be improved.
  • Look forward to finally doing something more thoughtful and strategic about improving the relationships around us.
  • Know that having a structure and timeline will help keep us focused even when our initial excitement invariably flounders. 
  • Are excited to learn (or re-visit!) what healthy friendships are and how I can intentionally give in order to receive more support and love
  • Value going through this process with others-- we want to share our own ah-ha's and experiences, ask questions, and know we're not alone in our experiences! 
  • Hold hope that just because we're not currently experiencing what we want doesn't mean we can't develop the frientimacy we crave.

Why  13 Weeks of Frientimacy?

Because friendships are the most important health factor you can address this year! How we each answer the question: "How loved and supported do I feel in life?" will tell us more about our future health than our diet and exercise habits!

Thirteen weeks is a magical time frame for breaking the ground we're used to and plowing new ideas, new hope, and new energy into that which matters most: our feeling of being loved and supported!

  • This is NOT a networking course where you'll be challenged to "go meet 3 new people" every week, but rather a program where we'll rewire how you think about friendships and give you the tools to build them in ways that will change your life!
  • This is NOT a business course designed to simply insert information into you as much as it’s a personal experience designed to inspire you to apply new practices into your life!
  • This is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme where we believe that signing up for one thing will change our lives, but rather we will take one bite-size portion together every week for 13 weeks so it has time to transform your relationships!

Shasta's book Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships For Lifelong Health and Happiness has been such a gift to thousands of women already (It has an unheard of average 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon!) and we want it to bless your life and friendships, too!  Her book has 13 chapters and we are going to go through it together-- with the author and with other women!

What EXACTLY Are the Details?

This virtual program will run from Tuesday, January 16- Monday, April 16, 2018.

Every week for 13 weeks, you will:

  • Read one chapter every week from Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships For Lifelong Health and Happiness
  • Reflect and journal on that theme in your own life by filling out the worksheet from the Frientimacy Workbook
  • Receive inspiration from Shasta every Tuesday as you embark on the next chapter/theme of your friendship journey
  • Engage, share your take-aways, and ask questions with other women on the same journey with you via a private circle within 

Plus, you will also Receive:

  • A private invitation to 3 video calls to gather in circle with Shasta Nelson and the other women of this journey! In these special circles Shasta will answer your questions, facilitate sharing, and inspire us in our journey! 
  • Three months of completely free access to where over a dozen classes on friendship are available for your continued education!

So in total-- what you will receive is: 

  1. Access to where you can connect with women across the country and engage specifically in a private circle of women in this group!
  2. The Frientimacy Workbook emailed to you.
  3. Online facilitation, inspiration, and engagement with Shasta
  4. Invitations to 3 group video calls with Shasta (one at the beginning, the middle, and the end of our 13 weeks)
  5. A special code to access any friendship classes of your choosing for 3 months at for FREE (valued at $500 alone!)
  6. Optional: An e-copy of the book Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness (Note: there are two price options: one without the book in case you already own it and another that includes a copy for you and a free copy for you to gift to someone!) 

All of that for less than half what one coaching session would cost! And this way you get a community, a journey, and tons of ongoing inspiration!

13 weeks focused on frientimacy will not only improve our friendships, but will improve our entire lives--including our health and overall happiness!

WHAT We'll Be Learning & Applying to our friendships

Part 1: The Intimacy Gap

Week 1: Acknowledging Our Intimacy Gaps

Week 2: Owning Our Intimacy Gaps

Part 2: The Frientimacy Triangle

Week 3: The Way to Intimacy: The Frientimacy Triangle

Week 4: Identifying Frientimacy Imbalance

Week 5: Positivity: Giving and Receiving

Week 6: Consistency: Building Trust

Week 7: Vulnerability: Deepening Meaning

Part 3: Obstacles to Intimacy

Week 8: Leaning In to Intimacy

Week 9: Obstacle to Intimacy: #1 Doubting Our Self-Worth

Week 10: Obstacle to Intimacy: #2 The Fear of Rejection

Week 11: Obstacle to Intimacy: #3 The Toxic friend trend

Week 12: Obstacle to Intimacy: #4 jealousy and Envy

Week 13: Obstacle to Intimacy: #5 Holding Ourselves Back


Year of Frientimacy MORE info


Year of Frientimacy MORE info


join Our Gathering of women who are ready to devote 2018 to better friendships


*  Add one copy of Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness and we’ll gift you with a second copy of the book to give to whomever you want! 



If you go through at least 4 weeks and feel that we didn’t deliver what we promised then by all means send us your completed notes from the first 4 weeks of the workbook, along with a note clarifying where you feel we didn’t live up to our commitment, and we’ll refund you the total amount--including the cost of the book! Promise!

What we don’t give refunds for is if you don't make the time to participate. Just as a health club doesn’t give a membership refund simply because you never got around to going, we don’t give refunds based on you not valuing your intention.  We believe that your purchase is your stake in the ground saying, “This subject is important to me” so we want to honor that and help incentivize you to lean into that commitment.

Therefore, in buying this product we both commit to each other to do our part. We give you the best version of the product that we describe clearly. You give us your participation. Deal? :)