1. Can I really deepen my friendships in just 42 days?

Yes you can!  Any time together with others has the potential of deepening our friendships.  But no, you won’t have frientimacy in 42 days.  What these 7 weekends together will give you is the foundation for understanding how to make the most of your time together with friends so you can intentionally and strategically build healthier relationships.

2. How does this journey differ from your other course “The Friendships You’ve Always Wanted: Learning to Meet-Up, Build-up, and Break-Up with Your Friends”?

The “Friendships You’ve Always Wanted” course is a 12-week interview course where I interview the top experts in the field of friendship.  You can take that course anytime here.  It’s an amazing foundation, like a Friendship 101 class, since few of us have ever been taught friendship.

If you’ve taken that course, you can rest assured that this journey is very different!  First, I am the only teacher; I will be offering you as much as I know in the time we have together! Second, this course isn’t a broad overview of friendship, but rather is about going deeper with our friendships so this is a very targeted curriculum.  And thirdly, while I will be teaching a lot of content, this is purposely designed to be more experiential, almost spiritual-like, than simply conveying information.  So if those differences sound good to you—I hope you join us!

3. How do I participate in the course? Does the course require any special equipment?

All that you need is an open heart and mind, a telephone and a computer, and you’re all set. You will have the ability to download the full contents of the course as MP3 downloads and listen at your leisure if you can’t join us live for any of the calls.

4. How do I listen in on the calls?

We’ll send you the recorded classes on Saturday mornings so you can listen right away with other or at your convenience. They come in MP3 format so you can listen in from the download page (as long as you have speakers and some type of audio player like Windows Media Player, iTunes or the like). The electronic version allows you to download the MP3 to play on an iPod or other portable audio device if you have one.

5. How will I connect with the other people in the course?

You will connect with others through a private Facebook group where we can share what we’re learning, meet each other online, and give & ask personal advice about specific friendship issues we’re experiencing. This is always such a special part of the experience!

6. How do I know if this course is for me?

I want you to feel connected to your own beautiful tribe… you deserve it! But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, right now. One of my favorite quotes is from Martha Beck who says that when you can’t decide yes or no, just “choose the option that feels like freedom. Period.” I like that!

For some of you freedom will be saying yes– you’re ready to expand, to grow, to give yourself permission, to be curious, to take some incentive, to believe in connection. But some of you may feel more freedom in saying no, trust that. This isn’t a program that will serve anyone who is doing it from guilt or obligation; it was designed to inspire and lead you into community. So if now isn’t the time, you’ll feel more relief in giving yourself permission to say, “not now.”

Perhaps you’ll want to sign up for my blog or read my book first to see if my style resonates with you.  I welcome you to learn in whatever way serves you most!



So if you go at least halfway in the program (3 weeks) and feel that I didn’t deliver what I promised then by all means send us your notes from my first three calls or any evidence of your engagement, along with a note clarifying where you feel we didn’t live up to our commitment, and we’ll refund you 100% up to 45 days from program purchase. Promise!

What we don’t give refunds for is you changing priorities or not making the time to participate. Just as a health club that doesn’t give a membership refund just because you never got around to going, we don’t give refunds based on you not living up to your intention.  I do that with hopes that it incentivizes you to keep your commitment to yourself. I believe that your purchase is your stake in the ground saying, “This subject is important to me” so I want us to honor that.

My part: When I do something, it’s because I believe in the content and the power of the program. It is my intention to be clear what you’re getting, outline what I’m teaching you, and provide you with the resources I promise.  I promise to show up with as much love and learnings to give you as possible—so that every class seeks to feed your heart and your mind.

Your part: Making a purchase, while an important part of admitting we’re willing to do something toward fulfilling our values, is only the first step. Following through on our decision is where the power is. Buying this course doesn’t produce friendships for you. Rather it’s in the learning and applying what you hear that you’ll get the results you want. So to get the maximum out of our journey together hopefully when you buy this you can also say, “I care enough about fostering deeper relationships in my life that I am willing to devote at least 1-2 hours a week focusing on this theme and believing that I can improve my relationships.”

Therefore, in buying this product we both commit to each other to do our part. I give you the best version of the product that I describe clearly. You give me your participation. Deal?