What is the 42 Days of Frientimacy Program?

Join me, Shasta Nelson, for a virtual 42-day journey to move you into deeper friendships.

I am offering this virtual 42-day journey because I really, really, really want women to sink their roots into the beliefs and teachings that can transform their relationships.  It’s one thing to read information in a book but quite another to learn from and ask questions of the author and teacher—all while sharing within a community of other women.  Brain function researchers and spiritual teachers alike say that if we practice something for 40 days then we can break habits, retrain our brain to think differently, and transform our patterns. 

Forty-two days focused on frientimacy can only improve our lives.



Why frientimacy? Because deep friendships matter more to our health and happiness than almost any other thing. Why pause? Because this isn’t a business course designed just to insert information into you as much as it is a spiritual experience designed to help inspire you to take the time for one of the most crucial areas of your life.

One of my favorite spiritual practices is called Sabbath.  The word literally means to stop or to cease.  For me it is a day where I pause from the things I focus on all week—career, TV, working out, cleaning the house, running errands, answering emails—and instead rest in the things that restore me: friends and family, yummy food, beautiful nature, acts of service, and spiritual and personal growth.  The things we look back on in our lives and know mattered the most but that we all too frequently didn’t always take the time to do.

So it’s not a day where I take more on, but rather a day where I do less in order to do what matters.

And meaningful friendships matter.  Almost more than anything else.  They matter to our longevity, our immune system, our happiness, our chances of surviving a health crisis, and our body’s ability to protect itself from stress.

Beyond health and happiness issues (which are not small things!), I believe that our relationships are the gyms where we do our most important emotional growth, too.  We can read all the self-help books in the world or attend every seminar offered on subjects such as forgiveness, compassion, not taking things personally, stepping into our greatness, etc.—but the only place we can practice becoming those things is within relationship with others.  Our friendships are the places where we practice learning to share deeply, listen intently, serve sincerely, love instead of judge, speak up for what we need, and shine instead of play small.  (In fact, it will be very challenging to develop frientimacy without learning these skills.)

Our friendships can bring us the best snorting laughter out there and the more sacred opportunities for growth.  We want it all!

I am inviting you to step into a mini-Sabbath experience with me each week to devote time to the most beautiful intention ever: deeper friendships.  We’ll take 60 minutes every Saturday morning (or you can listen to the recording at your convenience) for me to guide you into understanding how we can set up our lives for greater frientimacy and hopefully you’ll also choose to try to engage with at least one friend every weekend that you can! 

Let’s use our Saturdays for deepening the relationships in our lives!

Additionally, for those who want:

  • To accept the Frientimacy Challenge: I’ll be inviting you to consider devoting a portion of every Saturday to developing a friendship in some way.  That can be making a phone call, extending an invitation, or meeting up with a friend.
  • To participate in community: Every week, we hope you’ll share your journey—whether it’s a success story, a question, or your goals—on our Facebook group page with all the other women.
  • To sign up for partner calls: And for those who want it (back by popular demand!), there will be two opportunities to be matched with another student for a one-time phone call where you two “meet” each other over the phone, share some of your journey with each other (i.e. what insights you’re having, what practices you’ve tried) and brainstorm with and encourage each other. (Past participants ranked this as one of their favorite aspects!)



All adult women who are open to deeper friendships are invited to participate.  Technical requirements are low: just a phone and access to email. 

When asked how we’d rank our friendship between 1-10, with 10 being the most fulfilling we can imagine—75% of us are reporting dissatisfaction with the level of depth.  If that’s you: I would be honored to teach you what I know about how deeper friendships are developed. 

Whether we have meaningful friendships isn’t based on luck or fate.  It, in fact, has less to do with who we’re meeting and more to do with what we’re practicing with those we meet.  My new book, Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness, teaches the three requirements of friendships that I’ll be sharing with you in this 42-day journey.  Once we understand these three requirements, we can then start, deepen, and repair nearly any friendship.  (It also informs us when a friendship might need to end.)

If you are a woman who values these things, then this course might be right for you:

·      If you value deep friendships

·      If you value growing yourself and learning new things

·      If you value personal awareness and personal reflection

·      If you value your health

·      If you value setting aside time for that which matters to you

·      If you value moving beyond your fears and uncertainties

·      If you value a process that feels more sacred than business-y

·      If you value learning in a community of others

·      If you value believing that you can create the more fulfilling friendships you crave

·      If you value taking responsibility for your relationships instead of playing the victim role

·      If you value not letting past disappointments and betrayals stop you from future friendships

·      If you value the idea of having close friends who love you and support you

Do you relate to any of those? If so, you sound like my kind of woman.  I sincerely invite you to consider joining us on this journey!

We are going to commit to a beautiful, sacred, and transforming pause.  We are going to do it together.


join us!

*  Add one copy of Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness and we’ll gift you with a second copy of the book to give to whomever you want! 

** Add two copies of Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness and we’ll gift you with three more copies of the book! You’ll be the hit of the book club, the recipient of your friends praise, or the gratified giver as you wait for signs in the months to come of who would most benefit your generosity!