Gifts for your Friends this Valentine's Holiday!

Not all of our friends are going to be spoiled and loved on by a romantic partner this Valentines Day.  Some of them may have even gone through a recent break-up or disappointment that is sure to make the holiday even less fun! Let's make sure that 1-2 of our girlfriends, no matter where they live, receive a beautiful box in the mail with a thoughtful gift from you reminding them that they are loved! (And good news: all featured gifts are only $10-$25!)

 Remind her that she is loved with this "loved" bracelet

New Loved Necklace

This beautiful bracelet is dainty, but bold!

This gift is accompanied by a card that says, "Every time you wear this remember that you are loved."

This bracelet is only $24 right now!



Give her a necklace and buy one for yourself to match

interconnected circles necklace

Like little girls who wanted to wear matching bracelets or shirts, this is our grown-up and classy version to remind us that we are connected.

This gift is accompanied by a card that, "Remember you are connected!" and with you both wearing one you're bound to think of each other often!

This necklace is only $25, or put 2 in your cart for $45.  (Matching earrings are available, too!)


Send love that she can sip and savor

Our tins of tea are not only adorable, but the teas are custom-blends filled with love!  And they are de-li-cious!!!

cute tin of tea

Passion is the New Black is our passion fruit black tea. Fruity Frientimacy is our floral and fruity herbal tea.

This gift is accompanied by a card that reads, "Every time you sip this tea, remember that we are connected!"

Each cute tin of tea is only $10, or send her both for $18.



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