20 Friendship Moments I CRAVE

I was talking on the phone last month to Melody Biringer who was telling me all about her latest vision:  Urban Campout- (think awesomeness combining life coaching + marshmallows + small groups of new friends + learning) and how much fun she's having leading her peeps (she's also the founder of the Crave Company and Urban Campfire--with events coming up in D.C., Denver, and Seattle!) to put their vision (#100ThingsICRAVE) onto Pinterest.   She said, "You'll love it!  Just start with 20 photos of things or people you crave!" Ms. Melody Biringer who is inspiring us all to know what we crave!  #100ThingsICRAVE

Those of you who follow my blog will know that I am wee-bit word heavy (Massive understatement! Ha! This girl cannot seem to write 300-5oo word posts no matter how many professionals tell her that's advised!) so I thought it would be a fun change of pace to post more photos this time around! I took her up on her challenge.

And I loved it!

Which should come as no surprise since we know the power of vision boards: our brains actually start looking for resources to support what we see and say is important.

For me, I decided to turn my CRAVE board into things I have and love and want to keep making time for: friendship moments!

Friendship: 20 Friendship Moments that I CRAVE

20.  Introducing my friends to each other!  This photo is from my birthday party where I invited friends from different parts of my life to meet each other!

That's me in the white tank--the little black lines read love...love...love...:)-- surrounded by some of the women I'm lucky enough to call friends.  Call me a grateful birthday girl!

19.  Masterminding with other amazing business women where we support each other as CEO's of our dreams.



18. Meeting up for get-away weekends with my long-distance girlfriends once a year!



17. Rallying for causes together! (This is a group of us "rising up against violence to women" for V-Day a year ago.)



16. Meeting women at my book signings and speaking events! I'm convinced that because I attract women who value their friendships that my events are filled with some of the best women in the world.Chicago group


15.  Traveling with new friends! I wasn't sure how I'd feel about group travel, but now I am a-believer in every way!


14. Playing dress-up! We're never too old for pretend play.  :)  It reminds me of high-school where we used to get ready for banquets and dances together!

women playing dress up in saris

13.  Having friends visit me in San Francisco!



12. Getting emails from GirlFriendCircles.com members showing me the friends they've made through our website!!!

4 new friends

11.  Going on retreats together!  Really, any retreat, but this one was spirituality + painting.  Oooh!

Shasta Nelson, Christine Arylo


10. Acting silly together. (In case it's not obvious, we're imitating the cow. Ha!) And this picture is with a friend who I talk to on the phone every week but only see about every 2 years-- so even sweeter!



9. Enjoying the friendship of sisters.  We may not have always gotten along, and if we weren't related we probably wouldn't have chosen each other as friends-- but I thank God for these two women every day that I have them as sisters, and as friends.

Shastas sisters


8.  Double-Dating!!!  I'm always talking about how much I love women, but I love me the guys, too!  Let's meet for dinner!



7. Having history.  These women are some of my longest-friendships here in SF.  We may not go back decades, but consistency over 7-9 years ain't nothing to sneeze at!



6.  Meeting new friends!  I know so many people that I have to be super careful to prioritize my time to the women I know best, but I still love meeting new friends-- I'm always thrilled with seeing how beautiful and bright others are shining their lights!


5.  Going on walks!!!!!  Love, love, love talking and walking... good for the heart and the body!

walking by Golden Gate Bridge


4. Having friends in other cities.  GirlFriendCirlcles.com has helped me meet women in all the cities where I travel-- now every time I go to NYC on business, I have friends to meet for dinner!


3. Sharing hearts, dreams, and desires.  If we're going to spend time together, let's go all the way!  I love the deep and honest sharing... add in journaling and painting on windows and you've got fabulousness.


2.  Sneaking my hubby into my BFF spot.  I am a big fan of having girlfriends, not just family, but I've never said your rockstar hubby can't also be your BFF.  :)


1.   Eating around the dining room table! There is absolutely nothing I love more than gathering friends around a table... something about it seems almost rare and sacred.  Nothing beats eating like family.

friends eating dinner around the table


Let's be friends on Pinterest.  I've posted these all to Pinterest.  Are you on there?  Have a friendship board you want to share with us? We'd love to see it!