Frientimacy Retreat

Creating the Friendships that Matter


Friday, May 17 at 7:30 pm (Check-in at 4 pm) - Sunday, May 19 at 12 pm , 2019



You're Invited:

Nearly 75% of us report feeling dissatisfied with our friendships. Our loneliness though isn’t the result of poor people-skills, not being likable, or even lack of interaction, but rather because too many of our relationships lack the frientimacy— the friendship intimacy—that we want. Most of us don’t simply want more people in our lives, or more socializing; what we want is more safety, more support, move laughter, and more love. 

This interactive and engaging program is based on the research and work shared in Shasta Nelson’s two books: Friendships Don’t Just Happen and Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness. Her ground-breaking work teaches all of us what a healthy friendship is, how to evaluate our relationships, and exactly what it takes to deepen any friendship in our lives.

Through guided experiences, teaching, and time for self-reflection, you will evaluate your own relationships, identify exactly what would improve those relationships, and develop a personal plan to increase the frientimacy in your own life.

In addition to leaving with a clear plan for how you can deepen your friendships, you will also learn:

  • Health benefits of connectedness: Why we have to address our loneliness and desire for greater connection

  • 5 circles of connectedness: What are the different types of friendship that we all need?

  • 4 common imbalances: What is your specific friendship need?

  • 3 requirements to grow a friendship: How to start, repair, fix, or end any friendship.

And the best part? You will meet and bond with other amazing women who value healthy relationships! A lot of friendships have been started from these weekends as connect in meaningful ways with each other and practice cheering each other on in our individual, and collective, efforts to being more meaningful connection to this world.

The guarantee: You will leave this workshop knowing exactly how to start, deepen, and repair any relationship in your life. And more specifically, you will know exactly what your next steps are for making those connections more meaningful for you and the people you know.



All women who value creating better friendships in their lives. Come alone and meet others who value healthy friendships, or come with a friend and deepen your friendship!

These retreats usually bring together about 20 women who are passionate about fostering better friendships in this world, such as:

  • Women Who Are Community Makers! Do you already facilitate a group, run a networking event, or bring people together? Come evaluate your current circles, identify creative ways to strengthen your efforts, and meet others who are also connectors in their communities.

  • Women Who Are Friends! Are you looking for a fun, and yet inspirational girls weekend that includes personal growth and rich conversations! Invite a friend and come book spa treatments, sip wine by the fire pits at night, let someone else do all the cooking, hike among redwoods, and spend some quality time together— all while strengthening, and celebrating, your friendship.

  • Women Who Are Ready for Better Friendships! Are you one of the 75% of us who wish our friendships felt more supportive and meaningful? The healthiest among us will be those who are willing to do something about it so come spend a weekend learning, getting inspired, and putting together a plan so that six months from now you feel more love in your life!


Nearly 75% of us report feeling dissatisfied with our friendships—we're left wishing that we either had more friends or felt safer and more intimate with the friends we do have. Most of us don't even know what we don't know about our friendships; but research has so much to teach us now about exactly what we can do to foster the best friendships in our lives.


Come connect with us for this special weekend: Friday, May 17 through Sunday, May 19, 2019.  Check in is 4 pm on Friday, dinner (included) starts at 5 pm, and our first program begins at 7:30 p.m. Then we'll end on Sunday at 12 pm, followed by lunch.


We're being hosted by 1440 Multiversity campus in Scotts Valley, CA. It's about a 20 minute drive from the San Jose airport, and about an hour from SFO. Nestled on land filled with massive Redwoods and Giant Oak trees and gurgling stream, you'll be surrounded by comfort and beauty. Plus their infinity pool on the edge of nature, their nourishing and gourmet food, and access to yoga classes are all included!

As you open and explore, you will discover how to personally apply what you learn for evaluating and identifying what you most need for deepening your friendships.