RESOURCES to help us create friendships


Just as dating sites can provide romantic introductions and health clubs can provide a place to get in shape if we show up, offers a way for women who value new friends to find each other. Join our community and start making local female friends!

“Making Friendships Happen!” Workbook

Packed with 21 readings and reflection exercises, this meaty workbook was lovingly written to help readers of the Shasta’s book Friendships Don’t Just Happen! create their own friendship plan. With evaluation worksheets, reflection questions, and journaling prompts, this workbook guides women through their own customized experience. 


"I Make Friendships Happen" T-shirt

Super cute, girl-cut pink T-shirts that remind us that we are not victims in our friendship search. No ma’m, we are strong, courageous, compassionate, and friendly women who will never stop giving and receiving love from a circle of women we call friends.


 Local Friendship-Making Events

Shasta regularly offers Friendship Accelerators and Speed-Friending evenings in various cities. Both types of events are designed to connect groups of local women and accelerate the bonding process so that long-lasting friendships can be launched. Sign up here to express interest and be notified when a date has been set near you! 

Shasta’s “Open Hands” Blessing 

 Shasta's Circles of Connectedness Worksheet  

One of Shasta’s most popular blessings is now available in a beautiful pdf. You can print it out and hang it as a reminder or send it to a friend for inspiration. 

Almost all of us need to add friends to our lives, but which kind do you need most? This worksheet describes Shasta’s Circles of Connectedness, followed by questions designed to help you evaluate which of the five types of friends you’re looking for.