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Shasta Nelson On Why Learning About Friendship Is So Important

Every seven years we are replacing half our friends.

That means that if I were to get married today and choose 6 bridesmaids, chances are high that 2-3 of them wouldn’t have been the same women I would have chosen 7 years ago, nor will they be the ones I’d choose 7 years from now. Our friendships shift.

It’s normal to need to new friends. We move a lot, we work from home or in male-dominated work spaces, we go through life-stages at different times than our friends, and we change to become interested in different things.



The more important question than whether you need friends (because you probably do) is whether you’re doing something about it.

Because most of us want more meaningful relationships and because few of us have been well educated on the subject of friendship (when was the last time you attended a class on the subject?)—it was really important to me to offer this program.

It’s a program packed full with enough wisdom to earn you a graduate degree in friendship and it’s taught by the 13 leading friendship experts so that you can have all these psychologists, sociologists, professors, journalists, marketing executives, and best-selling authors right at your finger tips!

This program means so much to me. I was wowed by every author when I had the opportunity to interview them. I learned so much myself!

I’ve tried to keep the price point as low as possible–all while making sure I could hire the customer support I want you to have, put together the workbooks that I believe will help you apply what you’re learning, and bring the support staff necessary to pull this off!

I came at this from wanting to provide the most value-filled program I could come up with on the subject of friendship. I look forward to the friendships that will be developed because of what we learn!

– Shasta, host of “The Friendships You’ve Always Wanted,” Author of Friendships Don’t Just Happen! and Frientimacy!, CEO of


The Friendships You’ve Always Wanted

Learning a Better Way to Meet-up, Build-up, and Break-up with Your Friends

Who Would Most Benefit from these 13 Classes?

The more you resonate with the following questions, knowing deep in your heart that you are ready for believing that you can create more fulfilling relationships, the more you are ready for this 3-month course!

  • Do you see groups of friends together and secretly wish that you had that?
  • Do you feel like you’re often the one who gives more in relationships than you get back?
  • Are there evenings when you wish you knew a few real people half as well as you know the TV characters you consider your friends?
  • Have you been so hurt by past friendships that you aren’t sure you want to let women get that close to you again?
  • Do you wish you had some local friendships that were fun AND filled with meaningful conversation?
  • Are there times when you want to go do something like watch a movie or travel but you don’t have anyone you want to do it with?
  • Do you worry that you might not have the local support system in place if a crisis happened in your life?
  • Have any of your friendships recently ended, leaving you feeling hurt, confused, sad, or angry?
  • Do you have some friends who annoy you but you don’t know how to tell them or how to fix it?
  • Are you just too busy, too tired, and too stressed to even make time for friends?
  • Do you say things like: “We need to get together sometime!” or “Let’s keep in better touch!” but then not follow-through?
  • Do you know a lot of people and have a lot of casual friends but still don’t feel like you know who to call when you just need to talk honestly?
  • Do you sometimes feel tempted to blow off friendships because they feel like they take too much work, come with too much drama, or require more from you than you want to give?
  • Do you ever feel like your personality or wiring makes it more difficult for you to make friends? (i.e. because you’re an introvert, someone who talks too much, someone who just “says it like it is,” or because you feel shy or nervous meeting people)
  • Would you give anything to just snap your fingers and move all your closest friends over the years to your current city?
  • Do you feel like competition, jealousy, and envy get in the way with female friends?



Most of us answer yes to a lot of these questions…. because the profile of a lonely woman today is actually just a very busy, networked, tired, and giving woman.


I invite you to decide that this is when you make healthy friendships a priority in your life.

Choose to spend paying attention to creating the very healthiest and most meaningful friendships possible. Whether you feel supported, known, cared for, loved, and celebrated is up to you and how you choose to invite community around you.

Friendships aren’t automatic. They aren’t something that happens to you. Best friends don’t just show up on your doorstep announcing themselves as people ready to play with you and cry with you. It’s not a matter of just waiting long enough until you discover the right person.

You have taken the time to learn about business, health, parenting, finances, romance, and other significant issues—now give yourself a gift this fall to create more meaningful, intentional, genuine, and fun relationships in your life.

What it is:

“The Friendships You’ve Always Wanted” is a three-month/13 class virtual program that brings you the leading friendship experts in the world.

You could spend over 100 hours reading all 13 books by the authors we’re highlighting, spend hundreds of dollars buying them, and try to find an empty shelf to put them all on… OR, you can join us and listen in to exclusive conversations with leading experts summarizing their best research and advice for you to put into practice.

This series of 13 interviews continues with a new interview landing in your inbox every week for 3 months. (Note: In case you have a few other commitments and need to rearrange your schedule, just know that you can listen at your own convenience to the interviews as we’ll make them available to you for at least a year.)

What: A 13-part curriculum facilitated by Shasta Nelson, author of Friendships Don’t Just Happen, featuring the experts and authors highlighted below.

Who: For all women around the world who seek more meaningful connection in their lives.

How: All you need is an email account and the ability to listen to an mp3 audio recording or call in on a phone to listen. A printer is needed if you want to print off the accompanying workbook filled with exercises and journal prompts to help participants apply the information they are learning to their own personal lives.

When: You will receive a new class every 7 days!

Commitment: The cost for this 3-month class is $107.

join us!

Sign up now for “The Friendships You’ve Always Wanted” and Receive:

  • 13 Exclusive Interviews with Friendship Authors: 13 audio interviews with the leading experts in the friendship industry (1 hr. each, available as downloadable MP3s). And you can listen to them at your convenience — you’ll have access for up to a year!
  • Community Interaction: We’ll set up our own private Facebook page where we can share what we’re learning, meet each other online, and give & ask personal advice about specific friendship issues we’re experiencing.
  • Interactive Workbook: Exercises with each weekly lesson for you to track your ideas and progress.

YES! I’d love to join “The Friendships You’ve Always Wanted” Virtual Program!

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Just a Sampling of What You’ll Learn in this Program:

  • Why needing new friends is normal—and how to show up with less guilt, anxiety, and shame.
  • The one thing more important to friendship than chemistry.
  • The best ways to make friends in a way that is congruent to your personality
  • Is it true that we are the sum of our five closest friends? If so, in what ways are you being impacted and influenced?
  • The five science-based accelerators that deepen our friendships
  • How many people you need to meet to actually find the number of friends you want
  • The biggest obstacle to friend-making and how to best respond
  • The three most effective tips for making new friends
  • How to determine healthy expectations for different levels of friendship
  • The biggest red-flags to watch out for and what to do when you see them showing up in your friendships!
  • How you can prevent friendships from being ruined by jealousy and competition
  • The boundaries that you need to set to ensure that you participate in mutually reciprocated friendships
  • The three most important practices you can add to your life to attract more love
  • Which of the five types of friends you already have and which ones you want to find
  • An exercise to help you feel less judgmental and jealous of your friends.
  • How to tell the difference between what friendships can be saved and which ones need to end

… and so much more! All of us experts are coming together to help share our collective wisdom. We want you to personally benefit from our research so that you have the best and most effective information to assist you in creating the friendships you want.

Of course, this program isn’t just about learning new information (though you will do tons of that!) as much as it is about how paying attention to your friendships over the course of a month will actually begin to transform them.

One month of focused attention on your current friendships, and the ones you hope to make, will result in you creating the community you crave. For as my book is aptly titled, Friendships Don’t Just Happen, you have to do something about it.

Are you ready to find and foster genuine friendships in your life? Here are the experts & what they’ll cover:

Shasta Nelson ~ The Five Types of Friends

Learn the five different types of friends (and the healthy expectations and normal ebbs-and-flows of those friendships) from the woman committed to helping match women up to new friends and develop them into meaningful friendships.

In this call you will learn:

  • To better understand loneliness without the stigma
  • The impact of loneliness on our health
  • Five types of friendships we all need
  • Why it’s not enough to have good friends who we only talk to occasionally
  • Which friendships you currently have and which ones you might need
  • The four most common areas of loneliness we each might be facing
  • What we need to know about friends from work, mom’s groups, or church
  • How to know where to look for a BFF
  • What can breaking up look like based on the 5 Circles of Connectedness
  • The two most important actions we can take in a friendship


“Meeting Up”


Rachel Bertsche ~ Friend-Dating from a Pro

Learn how to meet new friends from someone who went on 52 friend dates in 1 year whose memoir MWF Seeking BFF became a bestseller hit.





In this interview you will learn:

  • Just how normal it is to have some of our friendships shift
  • How important it is to be intentional about making new friends
  • How many people you need to meet to actually find the number of friends you want
  • The rule of initiation/reciprocity when it comes to platonic friendship
  • Why some of the loneliest people are those with the most Facebook friends
  • The biggest obstacle we struggle with when it comes to friend-making
  • The 3 most important things you can do to make new friends
  • The secret ingredient to making a friendship happen
  • The single most important thing you can do to transition friendly people into friends who matter

Sophia Dembling ~ The Introverts Way in Friendship

Learn how to make friends in ways that honor you (and your introvert friends) from a Professional Introvert and author of the Introverts Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World.

In this interview you will learn:

  • A working definition of introverts, extroverts, shy, and non-shy
  • Why introverts are sometimes more vulnerable to needing friends (and it’s not because they don’t like people!)
  • Two validating messages introverts need to hear
  • Five reasons we’d all be so lucky to call introverts our friends
  • How to creatively respond in positive ways to some of the challenges introverts might have in the friend-making process
  • Four things extroverts need to know about friendship with introverts
  • What introverts can gain in being proactive with their friendships
  • Two creative ways to engage in friend-making without having to start from scratch

Porter Gale ~ Authentic Networking for Friendship

Learn why networking is more important than ever, how to do it in a way that feels good, and how to foster some of those relationships into friendships, from the former VP of Marketing for Virgin Airlines and author of the new bookYour Network is Your Net Worth.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Ideas galore for finding ways to connect with others
  • Why relationships are more important to our portfolio than our money
  • What networking is really about (and it’s not about “who you know!”)
  • Five steps that can help us create more friends
  • What barriers might be holding you back from meeting people
  • What one exercise can transform your ability to connect
  • Two questions we need to ask ourselves when meeting people
  • What one thing we should build our circles around
  • A challenge, that if you take-on, can help you receive more from relationships
  • What does generosity look like in mutual relationships
  • Practical tips for using the online world to meet people
  • The number of relationships we now maintain
  • Two things to keep in mind when you’re connecting via social media


“Building Up”

Ori Brafman ~ How Important is Chemistry to Bonding?

Learn the five “accelerators” that will increase the likelihood of you having meaningful connections, from an organizational business consultant and the New York Times bestselling author of Click and Sway.

In this interview you will learn:

  • One thing we simply have to do if/when we experience “instant intimacy”
  • How important is chemistry in overall relationship satisfaction
  • Factors of chemistry we have some control over
  • Five accelerators of any relationship to increase the bond
  • How distance affects our bonding with others
  • Three things that can help increase the chances of someone liking us
  • Is it “opposites attract” or “birds of a feather flock together?”
  • What needs to be similar in two people to forge a meaningful relationship

Carlin Flora ~ Social Science Revelations About Friendship

Learn how friends influence our personalities, choices, emotions and even our physical health, and bolster your friend-choosing and friend-making process with social science shared by the author of Friendfluence and former Features Editor at Psychology Today.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Countless benefits of friendship
  • How we end up choosing our friends
  • Why making friends is more important to our lives today than any other generation!
  • In what ways our friends impact our careers
  • Is the adage “You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with” true?
  • Whether it’s better to have “unhealthy” friends or no friends
  • How friendships shape us differently than family relationships
  • Three factors needed for our friendships to take root
  • How many friendships our brains can juggle
  • How our ancestors may have shaped how we’re approaching our friendships
  • One amazing idea to celebrate your friendships
  • Three great tips for friend-building

Christine Arylo ~ Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Learn how to be a better friend to yourself with the Queen of Self-Love who will provide practical and fun ways to embody the ten branches of self-love, highlighted in her book Madly In Love With Me, that must be nourished in order to have healthy friendships with others.

In this interview you will learn:

  • The difference between self-love and self-confidence
  • Why some women don’t trust or like other women
  • Why our relationship with ourselves trumps our relationships with others
  • The ten branches of self-love and how they are different from each other
  • To discover which of the branches you most hunger to strengthen
  • The promise you want to make to yourself
  • 2 low areas of self-love that are common among women
  • Several mantras that can change your heart
  • How to determine whether you’re giving too much in relationships

“Breaking Up”

Dr. Paul Dobransky ~ Setting Boundaries to Minimize Stress, Over-Giving and Control in Our Friendships

Learn how to set personal boundaries that can not only mend or end relationships, but also become more healthy in the onset of our future friendships because of the science and psychology of our brains from this psychologist and author of The Power of Female Friendships.

In this interview you will learn:

  • The most comprehensive, accurate, and practical definition of friendship ever!
  • The four characteristics that must be present in a friendship
  • The evolutionary history that explains the relationships of women
  • Why boundaries are so important and what they actually are
  • Why a friendship is limited when the bonding is over negative emotions
  • How to create healthy boundaries
  • The very real effects of stress on our friendships
  • One word that should raise red flags in your friendships
  • How our need to control impacts our friendships
  • Why mutuality is a must-have of friendship
  • What to do when you feel like you over-give in your relationships
  • Four personality styles and how they give and receive differently
  • Why women are obsessed with closure and why that doesn’t work
  • The one word we have to practice saying in our friendships

Dr. Jan Yager ~ When Friendships Shift and Hurt

Learn how to respond to the challenges to friendship posed by friendship betrayals and disappointments, but also from the ongoing ebbs and flows of friendship when our lives keep shifting from moves, jobs, and life stages, from a sociologist and a pioneer in the field of friendship who has authored over 14 books including Friendshifts and When Friendships Hurt.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How many women feel they’ve been betrayed by a friend or have had a toxic friendship
  • The curse of appearing desperate
  • The four reasons we sometimes choose to stay in stressful relationships
  • The one affirmation we all need to know and believe to have healthy friendships
  • The definition of friendshifts® and why it’s important for us to know
  • The three biggest reasons our friendships change and how we can best respond
  • The two reasons women hire a friendship coach
  • The one quality friendships that last have to have
  • A summary of the best advice for how to handle conflict in friendship





In this interview you will learn:

  • Three reasons women feel such guilt about ending friendships
  • Five warning signs that a friendship is struggling
  • The options we have when it comes to ending a friendship
  • How important is it to be honest?
  • That many friendship endings hurt more than romantic endings
  • Tips to remember when grieving the loss of a friendship
  • Options we have if we feel like we’re being dumped by someone else
  • How our ego and the fear of rejection can sometimes exacerbate the loss
  • The most common patterns of relationship dysfunction if we’re consistently experiencing friendship endings
  • A caution about always upgrading our friends to a “shinier” version





In this interview you will learn:

  • The biggest difference between men’s and women’s friendships
  • Whether men need friendship as much as women do
  • The part of female friendship that men most admire
  • The part of meal friendship that women most admire
  • The one piece of advice for men who want deeper friendships
  • Four types of friendship that men have in their lives
  • How our society and culture have impacted men in their friendships
  • The five unique challenges that men face in establishing friendships
  • What role women can have in men’s friendships
  • Five benefits to couples making friends with other couples
  • How-to guidance for establishing friends with other couples
  • Some of the issues facing couples these days in relation to friends
  • Three distinct styles of friendship for couples





In this interview you will learn:

  • The one question you want to ask your close friends
  • The definition of an Intentional Friend in your life
  • How friendships keep us healthy as we age
  • Numerous examples of fun ideas for women to try in their friendship
  • The specific challenges to friendships as we age
  • The clear advantages to friendships as we age
  • The most common myths women believe about friendship
  • The fear that emerges with “too, too talk”
  • The one thing women over 55 seem to know about their friendships
  • The value of cross-generational relationships


In this interview you will learn:

  • How you can show up in life ready to play your own biggest game
  • What the #1 felt-need among women is, according to Tara’s poll
  • What it means when we feel jealous
  • Why women tend to have a reputation for being more critical of each other
  • How jealousy can manifest itself in our friendships
  • Three steps to respond to the jealousy in your own life
  • How to best bring up competition and jealousy when you sense it in others
  • Why we tend to harshly criticize women for making different choices
  • Three supportive and protective actions we can take to protect our friendship from these common threats
  • Why giving advice isn’t good advice



“I LOVED this interview. Everything she covered were things I needed to hear.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the interviews, which provided a wealth of information. I have learned so much about myself, about friendships, and my life has been transformed for the better. My attitude has definitely changed. I am so excited and optimistic about developing deep meaningful friendships, and continue to apply what I have learned.”


“The workbook questions helped me come up with some specific boundary awareness I need in several of my friendships. I enjoy how the workbook assists me in seeing how to apply these friendship interviews in my life right now, so that I can live what I am learning.”



Questions? Contact


To be up front, before you buy, please know that I only give refunds to those who committed the time and intention into the product that was clearly expected. I believe that your purchase is your stake in the ground saying “This subject is important to me” so I want us to honor that. Therefore, just as a health club doesn’t give a membership refund just because you never got around to going, I’m helping incentivize your commitment to yourself, giving you reason to do what you say matters to you.

My part: If you haven’t yet had the privilege of journeying with me to see that my work is filled with integrity, passion, relevance, and helpful how-to’s then maybe you should sign up for my blog for a while and get to know me a little better. When I do something, it’s because I believe in the content and the power of the program. I seek value and excellence. In this product, I invited experts who are leading the field in human relationships as I wanted to collect the very best advice, research, and tips for you that I could. And I believe I did that. It is my intention to be clear what you’re getting, outline who my speakers are and what their credentials are, and provide you a free call where you can experience for yourself some of the proven value. This product reveals the time, wisdom, and good intentions of many people who want you to experience more healthy friendships.

Your part: I happen to trust that our actions – such as buying a book, signing up for a gym membership, or creating a dating profile – speak to something we value and want in our lives. In those purchases, whether we end up using them or not, we have revealed what matters to us: learning, health, or relationships. Investing in those values serves our lives. But making a purchase, while an important part of admitting we’re willing to do something toward fulfilling our values, is only the first step. Following through on our decision is where the power is. Buying this product doesn’t produce friendships for you. Rather it’s in the learning and applying what you hear that you’ll get the results you want. If you can’t say, “I care enough about fostering healthy relationships in my life that I am willing to devote at least 7-12 hours focusing on this theme and believing that I can improve my relationships,” then this probably isn’t the best product for you.

Therefore, in buying this product we both commit to each other to do our part. I give you the best version of the product that I describe clearly. You give me your participation. If you go at least halfway in the program and feel that I didn’t deliver what I promised then by all means send us your completed worksheets for at least 4 of the interviews, along with a note clarifying where you feel we didn’t live up to our commitment, and we’ll refund you 100% up to 45 days from program purchase.

With complete trust that together we can keep creating more healthy relationships around us. ~ Shasta Nelson

Yes and no. I’m definitely not saying that you’ll have all the friendships you want by the end of the 3 months! But I AM saying you will have the inspiration and information to decide whether you need to end a friendship that feels stressful right now or whether you think it can be mended with boundaries, and you’ll have healthy expectations about what’s involved in creating new friendships, and you’ll know what types of friends you need and where to look for them, and you’ll have confidence about what the actual steps and pieces of friendship have to be present to maintain a healthy friendship. I AM saying that you will begin to create the type of friendships you want by learning and applying the principals you’ll find in this course and by putting focused attention and energy on fostering those friendships into what you most want them to be.

It’s time to get out of your p.j.s and commit to honoring your commitment to fulfilling your friendship hunger. And I can’t wait to lead you through this 3 month course to bolster and build long-lasting friendships..

To my knowledge there aren’t any courses like this out there. Most courses are built around how to “lose the weight”, “nab the guy”, or “look younger in 1.2 seconds”. <— Okay that last one was a stretch, but not really. The truth is though that while friendship/community and alleviating loneliness are key to your health and longevity, no one is talking about it.

So if you’re on board to bolster your friendships then welcome aboard!

All that you need is an open heart and mind, a telephone and a computer, and you’re all set. You will have the ability to download the full contents of the course as MP3 downloads and listen at your leisure. That’s all you need.

The call recordings come in MP3 format so you can listen in from the download page (as long as you have speakers and some type of audio player like Windows Media Player, iTunes or the like). The electronic version allows you to download the MP3 to play on an iPod or other portable audio device if you have one.

You will connect with others through a private Facebook group where we can share what we’re learning, meet each other online, and give & ask personal advice about specific friendship issues we’re experiencing.

We’ve found that only about 30% of course participants make the time to listen to ALL the calls on the very day they are delivered, but that all participants still report fantastic results. We strongly encourage you going into the month setting aside an hour, every other day, to listen, journal, and learn because that consistency helps re-train your brain on this subject, gives you the support of others listening to the same thing you are, and opens your awareness to how it’s playing out in your life. But we know that travel, school schedules, and life don’t always allow 3 months of that time so we we’ll give you at least a year of access to all the interviews so you can listen or re-listen as much as you want, whenever you want!

I want you to feel connected to your own beautiful tribe… you deserve it! But that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone, right now. One of my favorite quotes is from Martha Beck who says that when you can’t decide yes or no, just “choose the option that feels like freedom. Period.” I like that!

For some of you freedom will be saying yes– you’re ready to expand, to grow, to give yourself permission, to be curious, to take some incentive, to believe in connection. But some of you may feel more freedom in saying no, trust that. This isn’t a program that will serve anyone who is doing it from guilt or obligation; it was designed to inspire and lead you into community. So if now isn’t the time, you’ll feel more relief in giving yourself permission to say, “not now.”

The program begins with a recording from Shasta Nelson. Before then, you’ll receive your course workbook to download. Then you’ll receive a new interview every week! We’ll walk you through the whole thing with email affirmations and encouragement, answering questions on our Facebook page, and participating in twitter conversations. You’re basically committing to listen to as many of the 13 calls that appeal to you in the upcoming weeks so that your brain gets programmed to look for and invite more friends into your life and to create healthy friendships around you!