I'm inviting 12 women to join me this fall

What do these 12 women have in common?

  • They are already supporting and serving people as educators/teachers, counselors/therapists, coaches, bloggers/podcasters/influencers, event planners/group facilitators, pastors, or in some other way that either brings people together or develops them for that purpose. This particular training and mentoring is not for beginners.
  • They are completely convinced that relationships matter. Maybe more than almost anything else, in fact. They know that personal health, spiritual strength, emotional alignment, and basically world peace all come down to how well we each feel supported in life. This particular training and mentoring is not for the unconvinced.
  • They are committed to practicing what they preach and teach which means in addition to inspiring healthy relationships in others, they are also committed, and willing, to keep looking at how they can improve their own relationships. This particular training and mentoring is not just for the sake of the "others" we love to help.
  • They are ready to be an even stronger champion of health friendships in this world than they already are. They are already dong amazing work in this world, but they feel a pull at this point in their lives to be even more loud, more intentional, or more specific in how they inspire friendships around them. This particular training and mentoring is not meant for someone who just wants to participate because it sounds interesting.
  • They can see that this loneliness epidemic is too big for any one person and that we need all hands on deck so they are excited to bring and share their expertise, learn from others, support and champion the work of those in our circle, and practice being a cheerleader for all women. This particular training and mentoring is not meant for the one who wants to "go it alone."
  • They are drawn to the idea of being a pioneer in the shaping and messaging of the "friendship work" in this world. That means they are excited not only by what we already know, but are just as excited for what we will yet learn together! They are ready to jump in and get this ball rolling! This particular training and mentoring is not for those who'd rather wait until the path forward is a bit more clear and paved.
  • They are relational and active learners at their core which means they have already learned, studied, and observed so much in life, but they are just as eager to learn more through conversations, activities, live coaching, brainstorming, and personal sharing, as they are through reading, the sharing of research, and watching videos. This particular training and mentoring is not about just taking information in and knowing more.

What do you think?  Are you one of the women who will be in circle with me?

Hey you just described me, but what's your vision?

My vision?  Oh basically turn around the loneliness epidemic by bringing together some of the most amazing women who want to be on the front lines of friendship in this world that desperately needs more connection.

No matter how talented each of us is or how hard we each work--  we aren't meant to do this alone.

I know, for sure, that my best work going forward is to keep training the "teachers" who can go teach healthy relationships to people, in places, that need YOUR voice. Many of you have written about the work you want to do in prisons, colleges, churches, elementary schools, therapy offices, youth groups, and organizations around this world.You are the women being called to take healthy relationships to them.  I want to resource you, connect you to others, and mentor you any way that I can!

Basically, if you are passionate about facilitating better friendships in this world then we'd love to know you.  We want to support you, cheer for you, network with you, refer you, and be friends with you.

Okay, I'm intrigued... but what exactly are you picturing?

So glad you asked!  :)

There will be two separate segments of this Mentoring Circle: 

1)  Attend the Live Frientimacy Retreat Weekend this Aug 31-Sept 2

Over Labor Day weekend (Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon) I will be facilitating a live event near Santa Cruz, CA, that is open to everyone to learn the: 

  • Health benefits of connectedness: Why we have to address our loneliness and desire for greater connection
  • 5 circles of connectedness: What are the different types of friendship that we all need?
  • 4 common imbalances: What is your specific friendship need?
  • 3 requirements to grow a friendship: How to start, repair, fix, or end any friendship.

 All 12 of the women in this Circle have to attend this event (or have attended a similar one in in the past that I taught).  The cost is $300 tuition, plus 2 nights of accommodations (includes amazing meals!).

To see more details and register for this pre-requisite event, go here.

2)  Participate in our virtual Mentoring circle from Sept 12-Nov 14

Then, after we've all met in person and learned much of the content, research, and practices of friendship at the live event, the 12 of us will continue on in a private and virtual mentoring circle together

What our Circle will consist of:

  1. 5x Teaching Circles: Led by Shasta where she'll teach content and guide all 12 Pioneer GirlFriends, workshop style (90 minutes each), in personal growth and relational learning. (Recordings will be available.)
  2. 2x Mastermind Circles: Each Pioneer GirlFriend will be strategically matched into a group with 3 others (total of 4) to meet via video (1 hour each) with clear guidelines how to use the time to get to know each other, support one another, brainstorm ideas, and clarify your own vision.
  3. 2x Partner Calls: Each Pioneer GirlFriend will be matched up in a pair with the clear purpose to practice coaching each other through the content we recently learned as we apply it in our own lives (1 hour each).
  4. And a 1:1 Coaching Call with Shasta: You get a full hour with Shasta going deeper on your strengths and how they inform your work, support your relationships, and speak to where you can make the greatest and most energizing contribution. (She will also make herself available after the course at a discounted rate if anyone wants to go deeper 1:1 with her for more sessions.)

What our 10 weeks together will look like:

Module 1: My Calling & Role in the Friendship World

Yes, we're all feeling the tug to contribute to this world by helping make better friendships happen, but what is each of our roles specifically? What am I already doing, and what else might I imagine? What is my piece of the work where I can make the biggest difference? Based on how I'm wired-- on what my strengths are--what do I do most naturally and with more skill than others? How can I articulate my vision and contribution for my own clarity, but also to make sure the people who need me can find me? Let's get clear what we're feeling called to do, who we are here to serve, how we best serve them, and what we bring to this movement that is unique!

  • Week 1: Teaching Circle "What are my Strengths?" led by Shasta
  • Week 2: 1:1 Coaching Call with Shasta
  • Week 3: Partner call (with guided questions)
  • Week 4: Teaching Call "What is my Calling and Role?" led by Shasta
  • Week 5: Mastermind in groups of 4

Module 2: My Friendship Tools and Strategy

Yes, we know a lot about friendship now, but how do we use what we know to change the world? How can we help others assess the health of their friendships? How can we coach individuals or groups to greater relationships? What actions do I need to take to now move me forward in my strategy? (Plus I'll make sure you have access to the tools, worksheets, videos, and resources that will best support you in your work!) 

  • Week 6: Teaching Call "Coaching Others to Assess and Develop their Friendships" led by Shasta
  • Week 7: Partner Call (live guided coaching)
  • Week 8: Teaching Call "Clarifying My Friendship Contribution Strategy" led by Shasta
  • Week 9: Mastermind in groups of 4
  • Week 10: Closing Circle, Goal Sharing & Q/A

What Else is Included?

  1. Two Free Books!  We'll gift you with both of Shasta's book (either paperback or e-book): Friendships Don't Just Happen: The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriends and Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness (valued at $35)
  2. Free Access to StrengthsFinder Inventory which will send you a report of your Top Five strengths! (valued at $20)
  3. Unlimited 5 Month Access to The Friendship University which has over two dozen friendship classes for your continued education. (valued over $500)
  4. Exclusive use of Shasta's Resources for Pioneer GirlFriends: We'll pull together the assessments, worksheets, videos, checklists, and event planning tips that you'll have permission to use as needed!
  5. Access to GirlFriendCircles.com and Inclusion to a Private Circle: Connect with women across the country and engage specifically in a private circle with the Pioneer GirlFriends where we can interact during the week, access all of our resources, ask questions, and brainstorm with each other.
  6. Don't forget the awesome connections you're making! You'll be meeting and getting to know 12 other big-hearted and awesomely-motivated women who are here to make a difference in this world. We'll all be here to help you all along the way!

So in a nutshell?  You will join us for a live weekend of training over Labor Day weekend and then we'll journey together for 10 weeks to clarify your contribution, resource you to make the difference you want to make, and help you strategize the best way to implement all that you've learned! 

I'm excited but now I have a few questions!

No worries! Here are some we're anticipating!  :)

Is this for therapists or teachers or managers or facilitators? Yes! All of the above!  In my dream world I will one day hold a training only for therapists, or only for HR managers, or only for teachers; but there was just so much variety that what excites me the most right now is to really connect with 12 of us who are committed to connecting this world. So this is a more broad training/mastermind... (And who knows, some of the women in this first-round might be the ones who help us train for more specific audiences down the road?) As one of my best girlfriends told me "This is your life work, Shasta, so you don't have to do it all this year!" haha! I'm trying to remember that!  ;)

How are you deciding who to accept? If you feel drawn to this and believe that you're somehow meant to do more for friendships in this world then we encourage you to apply. We are going to do our best to pick the best mix of women-- from different backgrounds and with different skills sets-- who are ready right now to connect. If we don't choose you this round-- we may have something else we can refer you to.

When exactly will the classes and calls happen? The exact schedule will be finalized by the 12 women once we know their schedules a bit better, but in general the "Teaching Circles" led by Shasta will be on Wednesdays, the Masterminds and Partner calls will be scheduled by those who are matched up, and the 1:1 calls will be scheduled that week at various times. Our hope is that you can be available to join us live for all the Teaching Circles, but they will be recorded in case you can't make one!

What is the investment? The live weekend event is $300 (plus lodging and travel), and the 10 week Mentoring Circle and access to all the resources is $1150 (or $399 per month for 3 months) so the whole enchilada is under $1,500 and is all done live and with tons of love. We're trying to keep this as affordable as possible and also give you as much as we can, but because we know not everyone has access to personal or career development funds, we'll also make two partial scholarships available. xo

Will I be certified at the end of this? No, we're not quite at the point where we know whether we're going that route or what exactly that will involve.  If meaningful or helpful to you, you can certainly state "Mentored by Shasta Nelson" in your work that pertains to friendship and you would certainly always have a front-row seat to anything that gets developed down the road, but really we're seeing this as more of a mix between an incubator and a training where you will emerge with more clarity as to how you can best be a friendship connector, coach, or teacher.

When will I find out if I am accepted?  We expect to start telling some of you that you've been accepted as early as the last week of June and it's expected that the entire circle will be finalized by July 5, 2018. (And remember that registration to the live retreat is separate so you can sign up for that at anytime whether you're in the Mentoring Circle or not.)

What if I live outside the U.S. or am a male? Then hang tight because I'm super passionate about connecting with you... I promise!  I just have to get started in this smaller way right now but I hope to eventually expand and incorporate you!

Will you be offering CEU's? I wish! But alas, not yet.

What if I can't make the live retreat but I really want to join the mentoring circle? It does require your attendance at the Frientimacy Retreat weekend in Santa Cruz this Labor Day weekend. I know that prevents some of you from joining and I am so sorry for that! Someday we'll undoubtedly do more virtual stuff but I really want to meet you this time and get to know you better!

Will you be offering this again? No plans right now... and I may end up going with a different focus in the future so if you're thinking about it then I'd strongly encourage you to jump in now! :)

So what exactly will be my outcome of being in this Circle of Pioneers? In addition to making a difference in this world, feeling connected to something bigger than yourself, and being trained in "the friendship work"-- you will also complete this circle with strong ties to 12 other women with similar passion, clarity in your calling and the role you're to play in this work, access to Shasta's resources for your clients/customers, greater confidence in your skills, and specific/tangible action items to move you forward.


Let's lift each other up and do friendship together while we plan for how we will bring better friendships to this world!