Virtual Class: Learning a Better Way to Meet-Up, Build-Up, and Break-Up with Your Friends  

This class, hosted by Shasta Nelson, features interviews with 12 relationship experts including Rachel Bertsche, author of MWF Seeking BFF who will share with us what she learned by going on 52 friend dates in one year, Sophia Dembling, author of The Introverts Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World, who who talks about friendship as an introvert, and Dr. Paul Dobransky, author or The Power of Female Friendship, who teaches us how to set healthy boundaries in our friendships!  This practical 13-week course will teach you so much about friendship from thought-leaders, practitioners, and researchers— one class a week with an accompanying workbook to help you apply what you are learning to your own life.  This class is available at anytime, sign up today and get started.

Virtual Class: 42 Days of Frientimacy  

This class is comprised of 6 weekly classes that are all taught by Shasta Nelson to go deeper and expand on the work in her book Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness.  Neuroscience is teaching us that we can change our brain patterns and create new ways of seeing opportunities in as little as 40 days so this class is for anyone who wants to set the intention of dedicating 6 weeks to paying attention to developing more meaningful friendships in their life.  Every week students will hear from Shasta 4 times:  with a class delivered every Saturday, a reflection/journaling question every Monday, a practice or challenge every Tuesday, and a blessing or meditation every Thursday— all designed to help you keep focusing on the friendships you say are important to you.  This class will be offered again soon, click below to sign up and get notified when a new class starts.


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