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In the meantime, we hope you join the huge community of amazing women who are committed to fostering more fulfilling and deep friendships in their lives by buying the book that will guide you to greater depth in your friendships:  Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Greater Health and Happiness. 

About the Frientimacy Book

Most of us report having quite an Intimacy Gap—a gap between the level of intimacy we’re currently experiencing and the level we wish we were.  Unfortunately, far too many of us don’t actually understand that we can close that Gap.  But we can; and we must!

With the constant connectivity of today’s world, it’s never been easier to meet people and make new friends—but it’s never been harder to form meaningful friendships.

In Frientimacy, award-winning speaker Shasta Nelson shows how anyone can form stronger, more meaningful friendships, marked by a level of trust she calls “frientimacy”. Shasta explores the most common complaints and conflicts facing female friendships today, and lays out strategies for overcoming these pitfalls to create deeper, supportive relationships that last for the long-term.

Shasta teaches readers to reject the impulse to pull away from friendships that aren’t instantly and constantly gratifying. With a warm, engaging, and inspiring voice, she shows how friendships built on dedication and commitment can lead to enriched relationships, stronger and more meaningful ties, and an overall increase in mental health.

The book is divided into three parts:

1. The Intimacy Gap, we’ll discuss what it means to acknowledge and own our intimacy gaps.

2. The Frientimacy Triangle, we’ll discuss the tri-fold approach to embracing and deepening frientimacy: by enhancing the positivity, consis- tency, and vulnerability in all our friendships.

3: Obstacles to Intimacy, we’ll discuss the various stumbling blocks that can trip up our path to frientimacy.

Then, in the conclusion, we’ll cover how we can measure how far we’ve come by tracking our growth in the areas of relationship growth, courage growth, and love. 

Frientimacy is more than just a call for deeper connection between friends; it’s a blueprint for turning simple friendships into true bonds—and for the meaningful and satisfying relationships that come with them.


Order at least 1 copy now and also receive the Frientimacy Workbook full of over 60 practices and reflection questions to encourage your growth to greater Frientimacy!