With Shasta Nelson

Friday, April 5 at 7 p.m.- Sunday, April 7 at 11:30 a.m., 2019

Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, MA


Whether you’re in the midst of a big decision, feel stuck in a rut, trying to get your bearings after a massive life change, or simply curious about “what’s next” as you start a new season, this retreat will inspire you to start where you are and hear the wisdom that’s emerging for your next chapter.  Shasta Nelson, a women’s relationship expert, facilities this popular annual weekend in a safe, warm, and encouraging way to help each woman tap into her greatest intuition to better know exactly what she most wants to feel and become in her next chapter. 

Past attendees have said things like: “This event, more than anything else I’ve tried this year, has given me more hope for my life,” and “I never even knew I had this voice of wisdom inside of me, let alone that I could listen to her and know what was most true for me. I know things now for my life that I’ve never known before."

Through journaling, activities, wisdom boards, and connecting— you will go home holding your own light on your best path forward. You will have three words that will be your compass for all that is to come, a map for how to go forward in a way authentic to you, and a support system from the women you will meet in this experience.

You are invited to join a circle of women this January who will...

  • Rest & Receive: Abundant hot drinks and nourishing meals, long nights of rest, gorgeous hikes, yoga, and beautiful views.

  • Learn & Grow: Blank pages of possibility, scribbled words that catch your breath, inspiring teaching, journaling prompts that could change your focus, spiritual guidance, rituals that invoke, and support for whatever is revealed.

  • Bond & Love: Meeting new friends, deeper time with an invited friend, affirmation, support, being seen and known, cheering, giving and receiving, making memories, experiencing growth beside each other.

  • Laugh & Play: Wine, markers, glue, crafts, and lots of music.


We welcome all women who are looking for a meaningful weekend away.  Our retreats are a mix of guided personal reflection and facilitated group connection so that you leave feeling hopeful, clear, and supported for the upcoming chapter of your life.  Shasta facilitates a process carefully designed to help you hear your own true wisdom and to do so within a safe community of other women.

Our participants range in age between 20 and 70, come from all across the country, and we always have a beautiful mix of extroverts and introverts.

If you want to start the new year with intentionality, love being surrounded by beauty, value friendship and want to meet other women who are committed to lives of self-awareness, and are willing to invest in your self-care—we so hope you know we’d love to have you in our circle.


Most of our participants come alone, ready to meet others and connect.  But maybe you also want to bring a friend with you, somewhere to share your room with and turn it into a meaningful weekend of reconnection, too?  Your choice!

Bring your sister, your daughter, your mom, your best friend, or someone you’re getting to know better—whoever you come with, there’ll be plenty of chances to bond and catch up, while also both having the chance to meet other amazing women.

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Testimonials from Attendees


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