begins June 3, 2019
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Making Community that will make a difference

Unfortunately, knowing how to bond people and maximize their connections isn’t a skill that most of us have been taught.

We know our thing— whether that be our subject matter, our identity/life experience, or our interest.

But knowing our content is different from knowing exactly how to best connect others.

Yes, you might already be known for the knowledge you pass on, the tasks you get done, the changes you invoke in others, or the inspiration you leave behind you… but what’s the point of making people smarter, more accomplished, more clear, or more excited if they’re dying from not feeling connected?

No one is dying from lack of information.

No one is dying because they aren’t getting enough done.

No one is dying because they just need one more coaching session.

No one is dying because they need one more inspirational podcast, blog, or newsletter.

They are dying because they want those things to leave them feeling more loved. More connected. More accepted. More supported.

And you can do something about that.

A Community Maker is ready to take what you are already doing—the expertise you have, the passion you feel, the hobbies you love, the strengths you possess— and invite others to do it together.

Community Makers can help heal this world with the most beautiful gift: belonging.

The truth is that most of the people around us are lonely. It’s possible we are, too. This loneliness epidemic is hitting us all hard.

We all desperately want to belong… We’re looking for relationships that are deeper, where we feel more resonance, and where we know we are supported.

Unfortunately, most of “our people”

—whether those be our online followers, our audiences or customers, our neighbors, our colleagues, or just others “out there” like us—

don’t know where to find the belonging they crave.

And it’s killing them. Literally.

It may not be a quick and obvious dying, but we know that how they answer the question “How supported do I feel?” tells us more about their longevity, overall health, and happiness than any other factor. More than what they eat, how much money they make, or whether they exercise. Their success in their business, their mental peace, their stress levels, their risk of disease, and their joy are rising, or falling, based on their relationships.

But most of them don’t know where to go to find each other.

Or, what to do once they do meet each other.

They need an invitation, a structure, a safe space, a shared goal, and someone willing to facilitate that bonding.

WHO Is a “Community Maker”?

A Community Maker is someone who knows that one of the biggest contributions they can make in this world is to be someone who gathers, invites, and connects people to each other.

Whether it’s running a local networking association, managing an online community, organizing a meet-up group, hosting a women’s small group, facilitating coaching groups, serving as social coordinator for a club or sorority, promoting a mastermind, running a support group, rallying people together around a cause, planning events where people connect, or simply wanting to gather up the _______ (i.e. moms, the entrepreneurs, cancer survivors, or anyone else who you wish you could connect with!) — what we have in common is a desire to bring people together for something more meaningful than we could experience by ourselves.

Maybe you have been leading communities and groups for a long time, and feel excited to evaluate, clarify, tweak, and expand your work…

Or, maybe you’re starting your first circle, responding to that inner tug to gather those around you.

Maybe you want your group to support, or amplify, your business: a support group, a coaching group, local events, or an online membership community…

Or, maybe it’s not about profit or work for, but rather about fostering community, pulling people together in your neighborhood, your school, or around one of your interests: a photography group, a cooking club, a book club, or a moms group.

Maybe your group includes teaching on specific subjects, offering classes, and highlighting content…

Or, maybe it’s simply about socializing because you know if you want to do something with others that chances are high that others do, too.

Our motivations, formats, purposes, audiences, locations, and personalities will vary, but we will have the same mission to bring people together for a more meaningful outcome than what anyone can do alone.

But Who needS this circle?

If you want to bring people together in a way that creates something inspiring, healthy, and effective— then you are a Community Maker.

You undoubtedly….

  • Love meaningful sharing, but perhaps you’re finding that your groups either whither in small talk or get crushed under the weight of a couple of people sharing too deep, too fast?

  • Want “your people” to meet and connect, but perhaps you’re finding that simply being in the same room at an event doesn’t automatically lead to powerful connections where people really see each other?

  • Want those you’ve gathered to feel safe, excited, and valued, but perhaps you’re finding that instead your participants feel disengaged, nervous, scared, and insecure?

  • Want everyone to walk away feeling validated, but perhaps you’re finding it challenging to get everyone to participate?

  • Are an expert at, or passionate about, “your thing” and want to invite more people into that shared interest, but perhaps you’re finding that doesn’t automatically make you an expert at group process?

  • Love the idea of honesty and authenticity, but perhaps you’re unsure what to do when that one person railroads the group with their “vulnerability”?

  • Want everyone to keep coming back regularly, but perhaps you’re finding that too many come and never return?

  • Want to lead from your strengths and in your style, but perhaps you’re not sure what that really is or you feel pressure to be like someone else you’ve seen lead?

  • Want your group to be as healthy as possible, but perhaps you don’t even know how to evaluate that, or fix it if it’s needed?

  • Want to feel connected to your own group, but perhaps you’re so busy facilitating, planning, and leading that you are left feeling like you’re in it alone?

Imagine taking the time to be mentored, taught, and supported how to best structure and facilitate your group to more perfectly meet your goals, meet the needs of those around you, and to do it in a way that fits who you are.

Welcome to the community Makers Circle

Connection, Training and Support

For Those Who want to create a community that keeps coming back for more.

This Community Makers Circle is a virtual community, led by Shasta Nelson, that includes classes, reflection & application worksheets, mentoring, masterminding, and networking for the purpose of making sure all Community Makers feel excited about their unique contribution, clear about what steps they need to take, and connected to others who are on similar missions.

When is this Community Makers Circle?

We’ll journey together for 3 months starting on Monday, June 3, 2019.

What is Included in this Circle?

  1. 6x Teaching Classes led by Shasta: Roughly every other Monday you will receive a link to a recorded class, featuring Shasta, teaching you to look at community development in new ways that can maximize the success of the community you’re building! Sample classes include: What Is My Unique Connector Style? What is My Calling and Contribution? Who Am I Here to Serve? How is Community Developed? see below for entire list

  2. 6x Worksheets: An in-depth worksheet has been designed to help each Community Maker apply the content from each class in their specific context. The worksheets build on each other to help the Community Maker assess their own ideas, develop a clear strategy, and think through all the various aspects of building community.

  3. 6x Collaboration Circles: Every Community Maker will be strategically matched into a group with 3-5 others to meet via video (1 hour each) with clear guidelines how to use the time to get to know each other, support one another, brainstorm ideas, and clarify your own vision. Each session you will have dedicated time to ask your group for the support that would be most meaningful to you that week. Groups will be matched to ensure optimal learning and meaningful connecting!

  4. 3x Live Video Calls for Q/A, Connecting, and Live Coaching: These 3 video calls will give all participants the chance to ask Shasta questions that pertain to their communities, to hear what others are doing, and to help you feel more connected to the others in the program. These sessions will also be recorded for those who can’t attend live.

  5. A Private, Online Circle: All participants will join our private Community Makers Circle under GirlFriendCircles where we will be able to ask for advice, share our ah-ha’s, ask Shasta for clarity, and get to know each other. We’ll encourage everyone to post at least once every two weeks as a way of helping us stay in touch with each other!

  6. Optional 1x1 Coaching with Shasta: Each participant will always be offered the chance to add-on 1:1 coaching sessions with Shasta if you ever feel you want the extra support and laser focus attention!

  7. PLus:

    1. Two Free Books! We'll gift you with both of Shasta's book (either paperback or e-book): Friendships Don't Just Happen: The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriends and Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness (valued at $35)

    2. Free Access to StrengthsFinder Inventory which will send you a report of your Top Five strengths! (valued at $20)

    3. Unlimited 5 Month Access to The Friendship University which has over two dozen friendship classes for your continued education. (valued over $500)

    4. Awesome connections with other Community Makers! You'll be meeting and getting to know other big-hearted and awesomely-motivated women who are here to make a difference in this world. We'll all be here to help you all along the way!

What Content Will Be Covered?

Each module will feature a new tool, a new system, or a new paradigm—complete with research, stories, and practical tips— which will lead into your personal reflection and application as we create the master plan for the group you want to create, improve, amplify, or expand.

The 6 Teaching Modules Are:

Module 1: The Dream: What Community Am I Making and How Can It Change the World?

In this module we will do two of the most important things to establishing healthy community: 1) identify our needs and 2) clarify our expectations. As part of that we will look at the 5 different types of community that you can create to best identify which one meets your needs and objectives and matches the needs of those you’re bringing together.

Module 2: The Maker: What is My Unique & Authentic Community Making Style?

Before this module we will take the CliftonStrengths Assessment (included) to identify exactly what strengths we each bring to our Community Making and how those inform and impact who we want to lead and how we want to gather others. This class will help us see how to play our individual strengths, identify the unique contribution that only we can bring to our community, and be thoughtful as to how our shadow sides might show up.

Module 3: The Community: Who Am I Gathering and What Do They Most Need?

In this module we will get clear about who we are inviting to gather, what language will resonate with them, and what outcomes we can offer them. Additionally, if we haven’t yet already brainstormed where we will find these people, we will look at a myriad of ways for finding our people.

Module 4: The Bond: How Do I Strategically Foster Healthy Community?

In this module we will not only learn what 3 actions bond people together, but we’ll see examples of what that means in various contexts— online and offline— as we explore what works best for each of us when we think about bringing our people together for better connection.

Module 5: The Gathering: How Can I Maximize Every Time Together?

In this module we will explore the 5 stages of making a circle that are intended to help us format our time together— whether that be in a small group, during a coaching group session, at a mingling event, or over the course of a retreat. No matter the context, we want to think through what exactly we can practically do to increase the belonging of our participants.

Module 6: The Plan: What Are My Next Steps?

In this module, we will make sure we are super clear about where we’re at, and where we’re going. And we will put together a customized road map that will help us identify our next best steps as we launch, improve, or create communities.

Each Module covers 2 weeks:

  1. Week 1: A recorded 1 hour class, featuring Shasta, to watch at your convenience that week.

  2. Week 1: A worksheet, designed to help you apply the content from the class to your context and help you clarify your vision and develop your strategy.

  3. Week 2: A Collaboration Circle, where you will meet via video at a mutually convenient time with 3-5 other participants who will be matched up with you. (Note: you will indicate your interest in meeting during the weekdays, evenings, or weekends.)

In other words, every other week you will watch a class and fill out a worksheet, at your convenience; and every other week you will gather in your Collaboration Circle with others in the program for the purpose of brainstorming, support, and accountability.

So that’s 6 hours of powerful teaching that will forever change how you foster community.

Followed by 6 worksheets that will ensure you have a clear and customized game plan creating for your community.

Plus, 6 hours of masterminding, connecting, problem-solving, sharing, and collaborating with others you can learn from!

*** And don’t forget 3 LIVE Q/A Calls with Shasta strategically placed at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end!

How Will I feel?

  1. Excited and Confident because you will have a strategic and authentic masterplan for the kind of group you want. The worksheets will walk you through reflecting on exactly who you’re here to serve next, why, and how.

  2. Knowledgeable because you will learn the systems, tools, and research that will serve as the foundation for your success. Shasta’s unique process will stimulate you to look at connections in a whole new way and will forever change the way you gather people together.

  3. Ready because you will know what you bring to the group as a facilitator, guide, or host, and you’ll know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals. The classes are designed to leave you feeling more sure of what’s most important and your Mastermind will be there to problem-solve, brainstorm, and cheer you on.

  4. Supported and Connected because you will be sharing your experiences, asking for ideas and advice, participating in brainstorming, and getting the feedback you most want. Above all: you will know you are not alone in your success. In addition to the bonding that will happen in your Mastermind, you will also have year-long access to our private online group where you can keep asking for support and sharing updates.

  5. Inspired because that’s who Shasta is… her calling is to help you see your best vision and act on it in ways that leave you feeling more true to who you are. She is doing this program because she wants your success and she believes to her core (and it’s contagious!) that these communities you build can change the world.

So in a nutshell?  We'll journey together through the summer to clarify your contribution, resource you to make the difference you want to make, help you strategize the best way to implement all that you've learned, and make sure you are connected to other Community Makers who could become friends for life!

Am I A good fit for this Circle?

  • I’m Ready to Step Up! I’m ready to either start dreaming and planning a new group for my business or personal life OR I’m excited to evaluate, tweak, improve, and amplify a group I’m already leading.

  • I Value Self Reflection. I know that there is no one cookie-cutter plan… and I wouldn’t want it if there were! I want to develop a group that fits who I am, meets the specific needs of others, and accomplishes my goals— and I look forward to the process of figuring that all out!

  • I Value Strategy & Planning. I want whatever I create to be healthy, thoughtful, strategic, and effective— based on research, best practices, and the experience of others. I want to know that what I build has a strong foundation that was well-thought out and included the ideas and feedback of others.

  • I Want to Feel Supported! I know community matters so much that I want it for myself, too! I refuse to feel “alone” while I plan and create community for others. I want people who will cheer for me, brainstorming with me, and help me succeed! I love the idea of meeting others and having a “personal advisory board” when I need one!

  • I Love Helping Others! I know that whatever group(s) I create won’t be enough to eliminate loneliness for everyone so I’m thrilled to meet others who are willing to do their part in this big mission. I look forward to sharing my expertise and experiences, and encouraging their success.

  • I Want to be a Part of Something Bigger! I love the idea of feeling connected to what others are doing as we each do our part to create community and belonging. I know that collaborations, partnerships, and relationships are key to our individual, and collective, success! I want to join Shasta on her mission to end loneliness!

Are you one of the Community Makers who will be in circle with me?

Who Is shasta?

Shasta Nelson is a leading voice in the media on creating healthy relationships in order to eradicate the growing loneliness in our world. She is a two-time author (working on her 3rd book now on relationship in the workplace) and keynote speaker who has been creating community her entire life— whether it be at retreats, in social groups, in coaching groups, in masterminds, at church, or via her online community, She is all about gathering people and helping them feel seen in a safe and satisfying way.

But for as much as she loves inviting individuals into meaningful community, she is crystal clear that training and supporting others in their efforts to create community will make a much bigger difference in connecting this world than what she can do alone. We all have different voice, styles, and calls that need to be expressed. If we’re going to turn the tide of loneliness then we need all hands on deck… and we want those “hands” feeling excited about their individual missions, clarity about how to go about creating the strongest community possible, and supported by others who are doing similar work. It’s time for Community Makers to be a part of community, too.

Shasta is here to resource you, connect you to others, and mentor you as you make community happen in your world.

I'm excited but now I have a few questions!

No worries! Here are some we're anticipating!  :)

I’m interested, but I’ve been leading groups since time began… will this be too basic for me? If this were only a training on how to facilitate groups then maybe you don’t need that… although we’re willing to guess that looking at your groups through new paradigms and structures will give you new insights! But more importantly, this is a chance to reflect and see what is being called out of you for your next chapter as a community facilitator. Maybe there’s a new group that you need to dream into existence? Maybe there’s a bigger vision that needs to expand what you’re already doing? Maybe you have been so busy leading your group but you feel hungry for an excuse to step back and make sure it’s as strategic, healthy, and soulful as you know it’s capable of being? This journey will help you look at your work in a whole new way and invite you into greater confidence that you’re ready for what’s next.

I’m interested, but what if I’m not really sure what kind of group I really want to start? Then this is the perfect place for you because our process will invoke your intuition to make sure that what emerges comes from your deepest wisdom. Our worksheets will lead you through deep reflection, our masterminds will give you access to amazing creativity, and our teaching will share with you all kinds of ideas that will help you make the community that you’re here to foster. This process is really a powerful incubator for good ideas to emerge and manifest! (Plus, I have some very specific ideas and relationship events I’ll share with you!)

What if I’m a business owner, an author, or a therapist and the groups I’m picturing need to earn me money? Yes, please! We all deserve to be compensated for the contributions we’re making… whether it’s money, or otherwise. Every single one of us will be looking at what we need to receive from the groups we lead and what costs there may be to us to facilitate these groups. That’s just good stewardship of our energy! We expect a lot, though not all, of our Community Makers to put a dollar sign on their groups.

How will you match the Collaboration Circles? With magic! :) We’ll look at the applications and follow our intuition to create small groups that will ensure enough similarities to give you resonance, and enough differences to stimulate learning and creativity. And, all of our mastermind formats that will model how we can create and practice community with others.

When exactly will the classes and calls happen? The classes will be available every other Monday for you to watch at your convenience that week. Each Collaboration Circle will choose the best consistent date/time when all their members can be present every other week. (Note: your scheduling preference/availability will be taken into consideration when matching you up!) And the 3 live video calls with Shasta will announced at least 3 weeks in advance of each one, and they will also be recorded for those who can’t join live. (Spoiler alert: the opening call is scheduled for Monday, June 3 at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST, if you’re able to join us live!)

What if I want to meet some of the other participants and/or Shasta? Well good news for you! I will be leading a LIVE Frientimacy Weekend from May 17-19 near Santa Cruz, CA. You can start this powerful experience by sitting in a live circle with me, each other, and other women who are committed to healthier relationships. (This is a great option especially if you want to learn how to teach you own friendship events or weave more bonding exercises through your gatherings!)

Is this a certification? If meaningful or helpful to you, you can certainly state "Mentored by Shasta Nelson" in your work that pertains to friendship and you would certainly always have a front-row seat to anything that gets developed down the road.

What if I live outside the U.S.? Not a problem at all!!! Loneliness is a threat everywhere! And relationships, connection, and community are always wanted and needed! All classes, workshops, and masterminds will be in English, but you’re welcome to join us from anywhere.

What if what I really want is some 1:1 coaching with Shasta? Stay tuned because she’s going to make a limited number of slots available at a discounted price for those who are interested in learning from her 1:1!

Will you be offering this again? We believe whole-heartedly in this work so undoubtedly it will be offered again at some point… but we haven’t committed the dates yet.


The price for this powerful 3 month process of live classes, a mastermind, and worksheets that will transform your community is $1497.


1 payment of $997*



Yes, I want to make community happen:


You can make the community you hunger for a reality. Whether your motive is for more powerful coaching, a stronger online presence, more influence with your fans, an increase to your revenue, or to create the community that will give you a better sense of belonging— in three months you will have accelerated the process in the most strategic, soulful, and authentic way!