Let's devote this summer to the meeting and making of new friends so we can build up the circle of friends that our hearts crave!

All women are invited to join this virtual "book club experience" for 13 Weeks this summer to read, and put into practice together, Shasta's book Friendships Don't Just Happen: The Guide to Creating a meaningful circle of girlfriends!

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Yes I Want New Friends, But What Exactly is a "Book Club Experience?"

So glad you asked!  :)

On the surface it seems like making friends should be pretty easy: just go meet people.  But we've all "been there, done that" and ended up feeling frustrated, hurt, and disappointed. At best we feel like we know a lot of friendly people, but we are still left with that big doubt that we still don't have the friendships that we want; at worst we are left wondering if we'll ever have good friends or if they're even worth it.

But just like physical health is a bit more nuanced than simply calories in and calories out, so to is the health of our friendships based on more than simply "finding the right friends." Unfortunately, far too few of us have ever had a class on friendship, stepped back to learn the best way to build friendships, or committed to practicing the skills of friendship. This summer we're going to do just that: learn and practice!  And do it alongside other women committed to doing the same!

This opportunity invites you to make commitment to yourself to make new friends this summer.

Every week you'll be encouraged to:

  • Read ONE chapter (about 15-20 pages) of Shasta Nelson's book Friendships Don't Just Happen: The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of Friends.
  • Journal answers to a few personal questions on a worksheet from that chapter that are designed to help you reflect on your own needs and desires while also applying the research and best practices to your own life.
  • Share your questions, insights, and take-aways with the other women in the program in a secret/private online circle in GirlFriendCircles that we'll facilitate with questions, polls, and best tips! You'll be reminded that you're not alone through this, learn from each other, and be inspired by the ideas of others! 
  • Commit to Practice what you're learning each week!  We'll give you a weekly challenge, or you can choose your own, but either way we want you deciding the best way for you to meet new people this summer and follow the 5 steps of friendship.
  • Connect with Shasta and her team through a variety of opportunities to ask your questions and share your experiences. Shasta be facilitating at least 2 live video circles, plus will answer your questions and interact online in our circle throughout the summer, plus she'll have a co-facilitator whose job it is to keep you inspired and as connected as you want to be on a more consistent basis!

PLUS, Sign UP NOw and ALSO Receive:

  • A copy of the book Friendships Don't Just Happen! (paperback or ebook option for those who live in US only)
  • Three months of completely free access to TheFriendshipUniversity.com where over a dozen classes on friendship are available for your continued education! (at least $500 worth of classes on there for you!)
  • A private invitation to our first video call on Thursday, May 31 to gather in circle with Shasta Nelson and the other women of this journey! (It will also be recorded if you can't join us live!)
  • Access to GirlFriendCircles.com where you can connect with women across the country and engage specifically in a private circle of women in this group!
  • Plus, Go Deeper (optional) by joining one (or all 3) of the live video "book club gatherings" where we'll facilitate a group experience discussing a couple of the chapters at a time.

With only 1-2 hours of attention every week focused on your friendships-- you can ensure that you feel way more connected to others by the end of this summer. 

If making new friends matters to you, then know that we're committed to teaching you the best research, offering you the best principles for friend-making, keeping you inspired, connecting you with others who are in a similar place as you are, and holding you accountable to fostering the friendships you most want.

How Fun! But Is It For Me?

  • Are you in a place in your life where you feel like you're starting over again and having to make new friends?
  • Do you feel discouraged by the very thought of starting at the beginning with some people?
  • Do you hate feeling awkward in conversations with people you don't know?
  • Do you feel confused because you do have friends, but sometimes they just don't feel like the right ones?
  • Do you wish someone could guide you and support you through developing healthier expectations of your friendships?
  • Do you sometimes feel frustrated or disappointed by how it seems like you need or want new friendships more than the people you're meeting seem to?
  • Do you wish friendship felt easier, seemed more clear, or made more sense?
  • Have some of your friendships changed or ended lately and you want to proactively make sure you're starting other ones?
  • Have you lost hope that you can create the community in your life that leaves you feeling supported and seen?

Basically... do you know in your heart and body that you have room in your life for more friendship?  


The more you answered yes to the questions above...

Then this book, this group, and this time is designed just for you!!!

This group is designed for those of us who:

  • Believe our friendships are important and are willing to admit ours can be improved.
  • Look forward to finally doing something more thoughtful and strategic about improving the relationships around us.
  • Know that having a structure and timeline will help keep us focused even when our initial excitement invariably flounders. 
  • Are excited to learn (or re-visit!) what healthy friendships are and how we can intentionally give in order to receive more support and love
  • Value going through this process with others-- we want to share our own ah-ha's and experiences, ask questions, and know we're not alone in our experiences! 
  • Hold hope that just because we're not currently experiencing what we want doesn't mean we can't develop the friendships we crave.

What EXACTLY Are the Details?


All adult women who are willing to focus on developing new friendships this summer!


This virtual program will run from Thursday, May 31, 2018- Thursday, August 23, 2018. We'll start a new chapter every Thursday and you can participate as much, or as little, as works for you each week. There will be 5 optional video meetings (Launch video call on May 31 and ending one on August 23, plus 3 "book club" style interactive opportunities) that you can participate in live or watch the recordings at your own convenience.


We'll launch together on May 31 via video (or watch the recording), then we'll read/practice one chapter of Friendships Don't Just Happen every week until August 9, then we'll have a "catch-up week", and end our time together on Thursday, August 23. You'll laugh, you'll be inspired, you'll challenge yourself, and you'll take steps to grow your friendship circles!


Wherever you are!  Everything will happen online at your own convenience!


Because loneliness is literally killing us and it's time to devote 13 weeks to moving us into greater connection!


Sign up here at your earliest convenience and we'll take care of you from there! The price is $97 if you already have the book, or $107 if you want us to send you the book (e-book or paperback!). And you'll get everything listed above for less than half what one coaching session would cost! And this way you get a community, a journey, and tons of ongoing inspiration!

Note you can engage online as much, or as little, as feels good to you; join us on video calls live or watch them afterward; and read your book each week at your convenience.  We totally understand that we're all in summer mode and have travels and trips... This is about providing you with some structure and accountability, while also hopefully being as flexible and easy as possible!  :)

This SUmmer We're choosing to make the choices and practice the actions that will lead us to making better friendships!

WHAT We'll Be Learning & Applying to our friendships

Part 1: From Loneliness to Frientimacy

Week 1: Admit the Desire: I Value New Friends

Week 2: Learn the Circles of COnnectedness: What are the 5 types of friends?

Week 3: Determine the Need: Evaluating My Friendship Circles

Week 4: Anticipate the Frientimacy: Developing the Intimacy We Crave


Part 2: Five Steps to Turning Friendly People We Meet Into Friends Who Matter

Week 5: Be Open: Making New friends

Week 6: Initiate Consistently: Ever Friendship Needs Momentum

Week 7: Add positivity: Bringing Joy to our Friendships

Week 8: increase Vulnerability: Risking Rejection for Frientimacy

Week 9: Practice Forgiveness: It's the lesson of Relationships


Part 3: Friendships Don't Just Keep Happening: Be Intentional

Week 10: Follow Grace: Responding to the 5 friendship threats

Week 11: Activate Friendship: Moving from Inspiration to Action

Week 12 Catch up Week!

Week 13: Closing Week including live Q/A with Shasta!



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Let's Make New Friends this summer! YAY!!!!


***If you choose the option that includes a book, watch for a follow-up email with instructions asking you if you would like a paperback copy or e-book as you'll need to provide your address of choice. And unfortunately, at this time, we can only send books in the U.S. Sorry!



If you go through at least 4 weeks and feel that we didn’t deliver what we promised then by all means send us your completed worksheets from the first 4 weeks, along with a note clarifying where you feel we didn’t live up to our commitment, and we’ll refund you the total amount--including the cost of the book (which you can keep)! Promise!

What we don’t give refunds for is if you don't make the time to participate. Just as a health club doesn’t give a membership refund simply because you never got around to going, we don’t give refunds based on you not valuing your intention.  We believe that your purchase is your stake in the ground saying, “This subject is important to me” so we want to honor that and help incentivize you to lean into that commitment.

Therefore, in buying this product we both commit to each other to do our part. We give you the best version of the product that we describe clearly. You give us your participation. Deal? :)