Take the Frientimacy Quiz to discover which of the 3 Friendship Requirements will most deepen your friendships!

Take this Quiz to:

  • Assess the current fulfillment level of your friendships.
  • Identify what actions you’re contributing and/or neglecting to the fulfillment of your friendships!
  • Discover which of the three Friendship Requirements could stand to use more intention and attention to bring greater depth.
  • Receive a full Frientimacy report that reveals your scoring for all three of the Frientimacy Requirements and tips for how to increase the fulfillment of all your friendships!

The subtle loneliness for many of us isn’t because we don’t know enough people but because we don’t feel known, supported, and loved by the right few.  We keep thinking we need to look for the right friend when really it has more to do with knowing how to develop the right friendship! 

Take this 5-7 minute test to find out what one action would make the biggest difference in the fulfillment level of your friendships!

This quiz was written by Shasta Nelson, CEO of the women’s friendship matching site www.GirlFriendCircles.com and author of Frientimacy: How to Deepen Your Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness.