Chance, who traveled to Nicaragua

“Though I have traveled extensively, no trip has changed and inspired me like this trip.”

Angie, who traveled to Greece

“As a mom, it was difficult to leave my kids for so long but I'm so glad I did because it put some excitement back into my life. I believe it makes me a better mother to take time away and I believe the kids also enjoyed the break from mom! The trip offered so much more than I anticipated! I had such a great time getting to know the other women as well as enjoying some much needed alone time. We all liked each other so much that we are planning on trying to get together yearly for a long weekend!"

Wren, who traveled to Nicaragua

“Now I wear a black rubber bracelet, which states “No a la trata de personas” which means “No to Trading People.” I received the bracelet from Casa Alianza, an organization we visited that provides food, shelter and essential services to homeless, trafficked and exploited youth. I wear this bracelet to remind me of where I’ve been and the people I’ve met. I’ve made a promise to return!”

“I was worried that an age span over 3 decades might affect friendships from developing, but the connection was like we'd known each other for a long time. We really bonded! I've traveled with my own friends before but in some ways I enjoyed this trip even more because I met a group of very interesting, independent, unique women who got along well and had such fun together.”

Eva, who traveled to Greece

“A few of the amazing moments included careening through a mountain town with my new girlfriends and a Bolivian man, who owns a waterfall and cemetery (neither of which I knew were things one could own), leaning over the edge of a boat and dipping my fingers into the world’s only freshwater lake with bull sharks, and hiking steep uphill climbs to meet an 85-year old artist, known as the hermit stone carver, who guided us through the jungle to his carvings, reciting poetry and picking mangos for us along the way.”

Erin, who traveled to Nicaragua

“As an introvert, I was honestly concerned about traveling with a group of women I'd never met before. All of my concerns went away when I realized how amazing all the women were. Everyone was genuinely supportive and caring, and if I needed a few moments to myself, it was easy to take that time and recharge. My personal intention for my trip to Greece was to gain some confidence while traveling internationally (which I absolutely did), but I truly hadn't expected to make meaningful friendships in such a short amount of time. Less than a week after we all returned home, we were already planning how we could meet up again as a group.”

Courtney, who traveled to Greece

“I have never been on a trip where I connected with so many different people. This trip provided the ability to have personal interactions with Cubans in a way that would not have been possible had I traveled independently. The stories we heard, the culture we experienced, and conversations we had will stay with me forever. The group of girls from GirlFriendCircles were the best people to share this experience with; I truly believe some of the friendships we made will last a lifetime.”

Kate, who traveled to Cuba

“Mostly glad to meet such an amazing group of American women, but so glad to have seen the resiliency of the Cuban women and people. The countryside and architecture were beautiful!!”

Kimberly, who traveled to Cuba

"Traveling with GFC was an unforgettable experience! We had it all: knowledgeable guides, beautiful scenery in different parts of Greece, delicious food, play to our hearts' content swimming, shopping and dinning in beautiful places, and making new friends. What else could I ask for? When is the next trip??? Can't wait to go on another!"

Miriam, who traveled to Greece