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“Kia Ora!” GirlFriends Explore Nature and Culture in New Zealand

January 6- 18, 2019

TravelCircles With GirlfriendCircles:

Every trip we lead is focused on two things: the best sight-seeing in the country and connecting with women.

Our sight-seeing, designed by Altruviustas, plans an itinerary that is as intimate, fun, and experiential as we can get. We want to see everything that is well known in that country, if we can; and we also want to make sure there are some small and special experiences that leave us touched and connected with that country in surprising ways!  Plus, we want all of our travel to live up to the highest standards of sustainability and ethical travel so we place special emphasis on meeting the locals, supporting their causes, and making sure we frequent their businesses/hotels/restaurants to ensure our money is reinvested back to those who live wherever we visit.

And when it comes to connecting with women, we go to a country with the special desire of saying "We want to learn what causes are effecting our sisters in this part of the world and we want to celebrate the contributions they are making!"  So we will always visit a non-profit or two (a portion of your trip costs will be donated there!) to learn more about the needs in that country and we will make sure we shop and learn from women who are giving their gifts to their country.  Plus, our guides will be women, and we will travel as a group of women with the intentional of connecting and becoming friends with the group.  Shasta always leads loosely facilitated times for sharing what we're experiencing with each other and getting to know each other better.

So if you love travel and want an incredibly special curated trip with a group of amazing women as we go meet our sisters around the world:  you're invited to join us! xoxo

Shasta Nelson, CEO of will be leading this trip, facilitating bonding and conversation among the 8-12 women who commit to travel together.

Additionally, every trip will also include a local guide (from Altruvistas) who will lead the group the entire time overseeing logistics and travel details, and serving as translator and guide.

NEW ZEALAND: January 6-18, 2019

New Zealand may be one of the most beautiful places on earth with diverse nature that includes spectacular beaches, gorgeous rainforests, breathtaking mountains, vivid lakes, unspoiled glaciers, and some of the most well-known natural wonders like geysers, hot springs, and volcanoes. Add this scenery to seeing penguins in their natural habitat, swimming with dolphins, sipping world-class wine, and being inspired by the culture of the Maori people-- and we've got one amazing trip!

This 13 day trip will be based mostly on the North Island because of it's impressive geothermal activity, diverse culture, superior beaches, vibrant cities, and large number of top tourist sites we want to visit, but we can't go all the way over to the South Pacific without seeing the penguins so this trip also includes a flight to Christchurch in the South Island where we'll spend our final 3 days! (And feel free to extend your trip and explore the South Island to your heart's content!) 

Note: Because this trip includes a lot of outdoor beauty, the participants who will enjoy it most will be those who feel comfortable with moderate activity (i.e. being able to walk a couple of miles).

Trip Highlights:

  • Tours of two of the most popular cities in New Zealand: Auckland (North Island) and Christchurch (South Island)
  • Day trip by ferry to Weiheke Island, a haven of beautiful vineyards, olive groves and beaches where we'll explore and wine taste
  • 2 days in Kerikeri which is full of the history and culture of New Zealand including the Stone Store and Kerikeri Mission Station
  • Day trip to Waitangi, celebrated as one of the most culturally significant places in the whole country
  • A "Shire" inspired buffet at the The Hobbit Movie Set, the beautiful and iconic backdrop to The Lord of the Rings movies
  • Field trips to some of the most beautiful geothermal sites in nature, including the Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland which is considered "One of the 20 Most Surreal Places in the World"
  • Playtime at the Bay of Plenty which could include swimming with dolphins, relaxing on the beach, or kayaking
  • Thoughtful visits with organizations such as Global Women and the New Zealand Federation of Women's Institutes to learn about why, and how, New Zealand is considered one of the top countries for women
  • Visit to the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony whee we'll see the world's smallest penguins in their natural environment

All trips are so much more than just famous sites and cities though! We will peppering every trip to include as many of the following components as possible in our desire to learn about the woman’s life in our destination:

  • A cooking class from that country

  • A dance class from that country

  • A learning experience that highlights the women’s movement in that country and/or issues that women are currently facing.

  • Meetings with at least 1-2 local women, whether entrepreneurs, politicians, writers, or fashionistas where we can ask questions about life in that country.

  • Other women-focused experiences will be planned to fit the theme of each particular trip.

Plus, we've got our eye on adding the "little things" that really make a trip feel special: making your own perfume scent at a perfumeria, visiting a local spa, arranging for beautiful walks and hikes, attending roof-top concerts, going behind-the-stage to meet the dancers after a play, sampling artisan chocolate, etc. We're about good food, fun memories, and women enjoying life together!


All women over the age or 21 are welcome to join us. The women who will enjoy this trip the most tend to value learning, connecting with others, trying new things, and seeing as much as they can in a country.  Most women come alone to meet new friends, but you're also welcome to invite a sister/friend/mother/daughter to join you.


January 6-18, 2019


We will fly into Auckland in the North Island, where you will be met at the airport to be taken to our hotel; and you will arrange to fly out of Christchurch in the South Island, at the end of our trip.  


The price of this 13-day tour tour is $5500 (payment plans are available) and includes double room accommodations, all program activities, private transportation to and from all activities, 2 meals daily, qualified trip leaders and guides, and your flight from the North Island to the South Island.  Each traveler is responsible for airfare to and from the destination country-- in this case you will fly into Auckland and fly out of Christchurch. 


If you're interested, please click the button below to indicate interest so we can notify you of upcoming group phone calls or answer your specific questions via email or a phone call. To reserve a spot, you will make a $500 deposit to Altruvistas.

We are a proud partner of Altruvistas, the socially responsible and philanthropic travel company that is organizing all our details. We are thrilled to have Malia and her team overseeing our trips to ensure that our itinerary is as authentic of an experience as possible while making sure that our money is spent in a eco and socially conscious way. Malia and her team will work with you one-on-one to make sure you are all ready for our amazing adventures.

If you have questions about this trip, please email