Women of Compassion on Safari in Rwanda 


TravelCircles for Women of Compassion on Safari in Rwanda will be offered from August 12-21, 2017!

This trip explores the resilient nation of Rwanda, from meeting with women who have socially and politically rebuilt their nation, to experiencing the rich biodiversity of Akagera National Park, to a historical tour of Kigali, where the famous "Hotel Rwanda" lies.


Twenty years have passed since the Rwandan genocide that shook the world. Today, there are many inspiring women who play a prominent and a healing role in Rwanda. In fact, the nation has the highest percentage of women elected officials in the world at nearly 50 percent! This trip focuses on interacting with many local women leaders, artisans and educators--while enjoying hands-on weaving, cooking and dance classes. Rwanda is also home to Akagera National Park, where we will be roaming for both afternoon and morning safaris! For those who are truly adventurous, join us for a once in a lifetime excursion: tracking a troop of endangered Silverback Gorillas! 

Trip Highlights:

  • Enjoy a guided historical tour of Kigali, including lunch at the Hotel des Mille Collines, the famous "Hotel Rwanda"

  • Visiting the Kigali Memorial Center in Gisozi, the country's most important genocide memorial site and museum

  • A dance lesson at the Inema Art Center, and seeing artisanal work from around Rwanda

  • Exploring the enormous National Museum in Butare and enjoying the indigenous vegetation landscape as well as a wealth of ethnographic and archaeological finds

  • Experiencing the Rwanda Women Parliamentarian's Forum--a mechanism of facilitating Gender integration in the Parliament

  • Dive into an afternoon safari at Akagera National Park, where the lodge overlooks beautiful Lake Ihema

All trips are so much more than just famous sites and cities though! We will peppering every trip to include as many of the following components as possible in our desire to learn about the woman’s life in our destination:

  • A cooking class from that country

  • A dance class from that country

  • A learning experience that highlights the women’s movement in that country and/or issues that women are currently facing.

  • Meetings with at least 1-2 local women, whether entrepreneurs, politicians, writers, or fashionistas where we can ask questions about life in that country.

  • Other women-focused experiences will be planned to fit the theme of each particular trip.

Plus, we've got our eye on adding the "little things" that really make a trip feel special: making your own perfume scent at a perfumeria, visiting a local spa, arranging for beautiful walks and hikes, attending roof-top concerts, going behind-the-stage to meet the dancers after a play, sampling artisan chocolate, etc. We're about good food, fun memories, and women enjoying life together! Fun!

Dates: August 12-21, 2017

Price: The price of this tour is $3900 (payment plans are available) and includes double room accommodations, all program activities, transportation to and from all activities, 2 meals daily, qualified trip leaders and guides, and base tips during meals. Each traveler is responsible for airfare to and from the destination country.

Shasta Nelson, CEO of GirlFriendCircles.com will be leading this trip, facilitating bonding and conversation among the 8-12 women who commit to travel together.

Additionally, every trip will also include a local guide (from Altruvistas) who will lead the group the entire time overseeing logistics and travel details, and serving as translator and guide.


We are a proud partner of Altruvistas, the socially responsible and philanthropic travel company that is organizing all our details. We are thrilled to have Malia and her team overseeing our trips to ensure that our itinerary is as authentic of an experience as possible while making sure that our money is spent in a eco and socially conscious way. Malia and Rosalyn will work with you one-on-one to make sure you are all ready for our amazing adventures.

If you have questions about this trip, please email malia@altruvistas.com