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What Is Your Unique Friendship Style?

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If you would like to know what your unique contribution is to your friendships, how to authentically be the best friend you can be, and better understand how you’re different from your friends—this 90 minute class is for you!

  • Do you ever wonder what specific value you bring to your friends? Of course you’re nice, helpful, and you try to be funny—like the rest of us—but what makes you a different friend than someone else? What’s your sweet spot as a friend? What value do you bring in your friendships? What role is your strongest contribution?
  • Do you ever feel frustrated that others don’t do for you what you do for them? You put yourself in the same situation and can’t for the life of you figure out why they didn’t do what seems so obvious to you? Do you catch yourself feeling judgmental that they can’t seem to give to you in the ways you think are foundational? Are you bewildered at their response, or lack thereof?
  • Do you ever feel like your friends don’t quite “get” you? Maybe you feel judged for being too promotional or ambitious? Do they treat you like you’re a workaholic? Or leave you feeling like you’re lazy? Do you feel misunderstood, or judged, and aren’t always sure how to articulate the difference between what they’re experiencing and what you’re doing?
  • Do you ever feel like you show up stronger in your work life than in your relationships? Perhaps you’ve figured out what you’re good at and what to spend your time doing at work but then you’re left wondering if we all have to be the same kind of friend? What if we could bring the same clarity about what we contribute to our friendships as we do to our work?

If you’re ready to know what your friendship strengths are—the talents you bring to every friendship that come naturally, that you’re good at, and that feel good to you, then we hope you join us.


Dr. Greg Nelson | A Maximizer of Teams and Leaders

Finally!!!  I get to share my husband’s wisdom with you! Woot-woot! He’s usually all booked up speaking and coaching with companies, but I’ve booked him for us!  Yeah!!!  His expertise in Gallup’s StrengthsFinder is going to make for one inspiring, insightful, and incredibly rich class for those of us who value healthier friendships. While traditionally the StrengthsFinder is thought of as a workplace inventory that identifies your Top 5 Themes—the things which you do better and most naturally than others; he’s long used it for personal coaching, marriage counseling, team relationships, and group dynamics because it informs us not only what we’re good at (and we’re all better off focusing on what we do well than in trying to improve our weaknesses!), but also how our brain is wired to receive energy. And don’t we all want to feel more intentional, energetic, and successful in our relationships?

This man is going to help you have some serious ah-ha's about your your brain wiring and how that affects all of your life, and specifically your friendships! I will be interviewing him-- and we'll make sure he shares all the goods!  ;)  -- Shasta


Greg Nelson is a keynote speaker, coach, and author of The Strategic Stop – a guide to creating pauses for reflection and connection in our “always-on” society. He is recognized as an expert on team and leadership culture transformation with an earned doctorate in personal and organizational effectiveness. He has worked with high-profile companies and nonprofits such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Fitbit, Amazon, and American Express. He also consults with church organizations that are striving to stay relevant. He has delivered thousands of talks in his career as a pastor and then as a full-time corporate speaker and coach, to both small audiences and those in the thousands.

Why This Matters:

Just like in the workplace where we need to play to our strengths, so, too, do we need to better understand what we each bring to our friendships.

No two friendships are exactly the same; and in fact, friendships are not well-rounded. In other words, no one friend can do everything for us, nor can we be everything to someone else. Gallup measure 34 strengths in their StrengthsFinder assessment that we all have in descending order, which means no one of us is strong at all of them! Nor do we need to be! Nor do we even want to be. Rather, the goal is for each of us to know what our individual “sweet spot” is so we can say yes to more of what we’re good at, and better manage expectations and communication around the strengths we don’t have.

Research, in fact, shows that 83% of our friends will bring different strengths to the friendship than we do! That’s a lot of potential for misunderstanding, judging, and disappointing! (Not to mention not feeling appreciated, or appreciative, as far too many of us feel like we do all the giving in our friendships!)

And those difference also offer a lot of potential for two people to each benefit from the strengths of the other! Imagine if we could both focus on what each person brings, more than we focus on what is lacking! Imagine if we each felt affirmed for what we contributed rather than guilty, or blamed, for what we don’t do as well?  Imagine if we felt understood, seen, and appreciated? And we could easily give that same gift to our friends?

In this class you will:

  • Feel inspired as you understand how your individual, and unique, energy is best spent and received
  • Identify exactly what broad role you play in your friendships, and how you live that out specifically, based on your unique strengths
  • Write a personal contribution statement to guide you in giving of your best to your friends
  • Learn where you might be letting the shadow-sides of some of your strengths interfere with your friendships
  • Understand how to clearly articulate, and appreciate, the differences between you and your friends
  • Feel more confident in your personal value and worth as a friend
  • Better understand how your friends are different from you and how we can best encourage and appreciate those differences

Details at a Glance:

What: 90 minute Video Class: “What is Your Friendship Style” (live option, plus access to recorded video or audio) + Worksheet

When: Always!

Who: Everyone welcome! This will be a great personal growth workshop, in addition to its focus on relationship health!

Where: We’ll send you a video conference link, plus a follow-along worksheet, so you can join us from your laptop, desktop, or phone!


1. Reserve your spot in the class!  (Even if you can’t attend live, we’ll send you the video course afterward.)

2. Discover Your Top 5 Strengths. Make sure you know your Top 5 Strengths before the class! Many of you have undoubtedly already taken the inventory so simply sign in to Gallup Strengths Center to get the report (no matter how long ago you took it!). OR, if you’ve never taken it, you can buy it here for $19.99 and you’ll not only receive your Top 5 Themes, but they’ll open up all kinds of resources to you to benefit you at work and life!

3. Receive all details! We’ll send you a video conference link and worksheet at least 48 hours before class starts so you can feel all ready to join us live! You just click on that link at class time (you do need wi-fi!) and you’ll automatically join our class.

4. After the class, we’ll also send you access to the video + audio recording!

I can’t wait for you to feel more excited about what makes you unique, more confident in who are as a friend, and more appreciative about the differences between you and your friends!