I will say 100 times over that Shasta’s enthusiasm, passion, and effervescent personality was such a blessing to engage the largest crowd we’ve ever hosted for our international leadership training.
— Katie Brydon, Director of Programs, Best Buddies International

Shasta connects your audience to each other and teaches them how to build healthy relationships in their lives.

Speaking Demo: Watch clips from a recent keynote featuring Shasta’s content and speaking style

Shasta’s TEDx Talk: An unedited 16 minute talk featuring the 3 Requirements of all Healthy Relationships

We had heard wonderful things about Shasta, but statements of praise now seem inadequate to describe how her words and approach to friendships – and life – touched the members who heard her speak. All were riveted, and there was much laughter and a few tears peppered throughout.
— Cheryl Thoe, President, National Charity League Pleasanton Chapter

shasta’s most requested topics

Relationships: The Health Factor More Important than Treadmills and Kale

Feeling disconnected is as damaging to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day; twice as harmful as being obese; and is the equivalent of being a lifelong alcoholic.

Research continues to show that the most significant factor to our longevity, mental health, disease prevention, and happiness is our relationships – and yet the health industry continues to focus largely on diet and exercise.

This inspiring keynote will energize the audience with research, stories, and Shasta Nelson’s groundbreaking work on how to increase the depth in all our relationship.

As a result of this program, attendees will:

  • Learn what science is showing us about the damage of loneliness and the benefit of relational health

  • Identify what constitutes as loneliness and why all of us should be concerned

  • Acknowledge their own need for greater relational health

  • Identify the three requirements of all healthy relationships and how they work together

  • Choose the requirement that will make the biggest difference in their personal life

The Business of Relationships: Developing Healthy and Happy Employees

Did you know that employees who have meaningful relationships at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their job, treat customers better, take fewer sick days, have fewer workplace accidents, share their opinions and collaborate more, and feel more committed to their current company?  

Creating an environment where friendships are encouraged and nurtured benefits both the company and the employee.

Meaningful friendships at work are effective solutions for employee retention, increased engagement, customer service, and increased revenue. Employees who have friendships at work (where they spend more time than any other place) show an increase in good health and overall happiness in all aspects of their lives.

This fun and interactive presentation teaches the best ways to build a culture of friendliness in appropriate, effective, and healthy ways.

Customized for each audience, attendees will:

  • Discover the latest research on how relationships at work impact employee engagement and retention

  • Identify the three requirements of all healthy relationships and how they work together in our organizations

  • Decide which of the three requirements would make the biggest positive difference in your organizational culture

Frientimacy: The Three Requirements of Healthy Relationships

Relationships are central to everything we do. And although the world may seem hyper-connected these days, studies show people feel lonelier than ever. This signature talk by Shasta Nelson reveals research around three important requirements for every healthy relationship.

Compiling what we know about what bonds people, how healthy teams work, what builds trust, and why we feel closer to some people, there are non-negotiables that can start, deepen, and repair any relationships. Each audience will learn how to best assess which type is their go-to, and learn what actions they can to take to overcome their loneliness and create more meaningful community in their lives.

As a result of this program, attendees will:

  • Describe the three requirements of relationships

  • Assess their own relational health (whether with their team or in their personal life)

  • Identify which of the three factors would make the biggest difference to their relational joy

  • Learn what they can do to improve every relationship in their life

  • Feel inspired to look at their relationships in a whole new way

Are You Ready for Better Relationships?


some of shasta’s favorite topics and venues

+ Workplace Engagement & Teamwork

Relationships are central to everything we do in our companies and at our industry association conferences: team work, leadership, customer service, social media, sales, employee engagement, attrition, and innovation-- it's time to train for healthy relationships for our employees at the office and at home!

+ Hospital & Healthcare

With many doctors now describing loneliness as our #1 Public Health Issue, it's time to not only share the latest research about how relationships are proving to have greater correlation to our longevity, mental health, stress levels, and immune health, than diet and exercise, but it's time to equip us to answer the question, "But what do we do about it?"

+ Churches and Faith events

Our places of worship offer a place of belonging, but what does it actually take to grow a healthy community, to love each other well, to set healthy expectations for small groups, and to avoid being a church of cliques?

+ Inspiring conferences & Networking events

What's the reason we attend events and meetings in a day and age where we can get all the information we need online? Because we want to meet and collaborate with others. What better way to open your conference or inspire your association than to have set the tone and facilitate authentic connection!

+ Schools, Parents, & Teachers

The most commonly asked question Shasta is asked is "Why didn't we learn this when we were younger?" so she makes it a point to say "yes" as much as possible to colleges and universities, teachers, and parents!

+ Non-profits (especially those based on support groups, buddies, or mentoring)

Shasta has long been a favorite speaker at gala events, award dinners, fundraisers, and leadership conferences for any organization who makes their greatest contribution through the relationships they establish.