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Shasta Nelson social relationships expert and keynote speaker

Off-Site Team & Organization Belonging


Do you want to facilitate belonging and connection within your team(s)? This Off-Site Team Belonging program includes a pre-assessment that allows a safe space for each participant to evaluate their current sense of belongingness within their team and provides a “team score” in each of the 3 requirements of all healthy relationships, enabling leaders and teams to identify areas of improvement to focus on to make the biggest difference. 

This program is most often facilitated for groups of 6-20 participants, but has also been run for 100+ people, divided into teams or smaller groups at tables. It can be as short as 2 hours but is typically 3-6 hours.

  • Want to facilitate belonging and connection within their teams​

  • Have experienced a lot of transition recently or have undergone big changes​

  • Are new leaders to a team​

  • Are committed to promoting professional development & personal growth

  • Provide an assessment for evaluating team dynamics and empower everyone to help be a part of the solution​

  • Teach the 3 requirements of all healthy relationships​

  • Guide leaders and teams to develop strategies that create a culture of belongingness at work​

  • Facilitate conversation and getting-to-know each other​

  • Offer your team(s) a framework to evaluate their personal and work relationships​

  • Cast the vision for why it’s important to enjoy the people we work with (for the organization's success, but also for employee satisfaction!)​

  • Make you (the leader!) look good as it communicates to your team that you care about their relationships and gives you a chance to participate with them in connecting!


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Shasta is a powerhouse speaker & educator! Shasta hosted an incredible virtual session on the business of belonging & relationships for my Marketing team at Google. She left the team with incredible insights & thinking tools that are just so valuable for a mindset change. Our event with Shasta felt like a warm but productive hug with a focus on being intentional about the experiences people are creating for each other.

Supriya Gujral
Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing at Google 

Supriya Gujral
Shasta Nelson social relationships expert and keynote speaker

Meet Shasta Nelson

Social Relationships expert, three-time author, popular media resource, and in-demand keynote speaker

For over 15 years, Shasta has been translating the science of human connection into actionable practices that lead to greater belonging in our communities and work culture.

Her expertise has activated organizations such as Google and LinkedIn to intentionally create and accelerate the high-trust and resilient relationships that lead to higher employee retention, engagement, and collaboration.

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