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Shasta Nelson social relationships expert and keynote speaker

Relationally Fit


How many of us struggle to muster the energy to socialize with strangers or even with our closest friends? Making new friends or deepening our existing relationships is uncomfortable, awkward, and—at times—painful. But choosing to avoid social discomfort often leaves us feeling lonely, with over 61% of the United States and 73% of Gen Z-ers feeling lonely on a regular basis.

The damage to our health, happiness, and longevity is devastating. Feeling disconnected is as harmful to our well-being as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, twice as harmful as being obese, and is the equivalent of being a lifelong alcoholic. So what’s the solution?

In this energizing program packed with real-world research and inspiring stories, social relationships expert Shasta Nelson explores the #1 health factor more important than kale and treadmills and teaches us how we can enjoy long, connected lives.

  • Hospitals and other healthcare organizations who want to teach their communities and employees how to improve mental health through belongingness and human connection​​

  • Leaders and organizations who want to improve their employees’ health and well-being

  • The latest scientific discoveries on the devastating side effects of loneliness and the health benefits of belongingness​

  • A framework to reflect on and assess your social health, and identify which takeaway will make the biggest difference in fostering meaningful connection in your own life​

  • Healthy expectations of relationships and their discomforts, such as conflict, disappointment, and insecurities


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Shasta is a powerhouse speaker & educator! Shasta hosted an incredible virtual session on the business of belonging & relationships for my Marketing team at Google. She left the team with incredible insights & thinking tools that are just so valuable for a mindset change. Our event with Shasta felt like a warm but productive hug with a focus on being intentional about the experiences people are creating for each other.

Supriya Gujral
Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing at Google 

Supriya Gujral
Shasta Nelson social relationships expert and keynote speaker

Meet Shasta Nelson

Social Relationships expert, three-time author, popular media resource, and in-demand keynote speaker

For over 15 years, Shasta has been translating the science of human connection into actionable practices that lead to greater belonging in our communities and work culture.

Her expertise has activated organizations such as Google and LinkedIn to intentionally create and accelerate the high-trust and resilient relationships that lead to higher employee retention, engagement, and collaboration.

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