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Kripalu Frientimacy and Deeper Connections Retreat

Frientimacy & Deeper Connections Retreat



​​This popular, warm, and fun program is designed to help you create more belongingness in your life! Through assessments, learning, and community, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the relationships you need in your life right now

  • Examine how you show up in your current friendships

  • Evaluate your sense of connectedness to others so you can identify the best way forward

  • Build long-lasting, substantial, and fulfilling relationships

You’ll have time between program sessions to enjoy optional daily yoga classes, world-class natural-foods cuisine, Healing Arts, hiking and walking trails, a lakefront area, labyrinth, and extraordinary views.


March 8-10, 2024


Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, MA. 

You can stay in all weekend (attending extra events, going to yoga, snuggled up in your room, or deep in conversations with new friends), or you can explore their 100 acres in the Berkshires to get some sunshine, hike, or simply soak up the beauty!

If you've never been to Kripalu, it's a big campus that hosts multiple events at a time, so you'll have the option to also attend world-class yoga classes, eat healthy and nourishing food prepared for you by amazing chefs, have the opportunity to schedule one of their 35 extra services (massage or facial, anyone?), and meet attendees from all over the world.


I'm opening this retreat up to everyone, so come meet new friends, come with friends, or forward this email to your friends and say "You need to go to this! You'll love it!" 

Note: for those of you who have gone through my Friendship CoachingCircle or are super versed in my teachings—this can either be like a refresher course, a chance to meet new friends who also value relationships, or an opportunity for you to bring your friends so they can learn what you already know! (Oh, and to make another opportunity for them to bond with you, of course! Yay to making memories together!)


Because you're ready to commit to creating more belongingness in your life, because you want a weekend get-away, because you want a weekend filled with personal growth and meaningful connections, because you want to make new friends, because you want to celebrate a milestone in 2024, because you want an excuse to gather a group of friends together, because you want to meet me (or see me again!), because a weekend focused on your physical and social health sounds perfect! And all other reasons welcome!

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