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Shasta Nelson social relationships expert and keynote speaker



Did you know that over 60% of us feel lonely on a regular basis? With the constant connectivity of today’s world, it’s never been easier to meet people—but it’s never been harder to form meaningful relationships. The truth is, most of us aren't lonely for more interaction, but rather for more intimacy, more support, and more depth. But how do we create these relationships we all want?

In this energizing program packed with real-world research and inspiring stories, social relationships expert Shasta Nelson unlocks the secret to turning acquaintances and casual friendships into deep, supportive connections and reaching a level of trust that she calls “frientimacy.” 

  • Fundraising galas, nonprofit organizations, philanthropic foundations, client appreciation events, and community-focused events

  • The 3 requirements of all healthy relationships and how they work together to deepen our connections​

  • The ability to identify which of the 3 requirements need to be developed in your own relationships​

  • Tools to strengthen the 3 requirements and achieve the supportive relationships you’re craving


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Shasta is a powerhouse speaker & educator! Shasta hosted an incredible virtual session on the business of belonging & relationships for my Marketing team at Google. She left the team with incredible insights & thinking tools that are just so valuable for a mindset change. Our event with Shasta felt like a warm but productive hug with a focus on being intentional about the experiences people are creating for each other.

Supriya Gujral
Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing at Google 

Supriya Gujral
Shasta Nelson social relationships expert and keynote speaker

Meet Shasta Nelson

Social Relationships expert, three-time author, popular media resource, and in-demand keynote speaker

For over 15 years, Shasta has been translating the science of human connection into actionable practices that lead to greater belonging in our communities and work culture.

Her expertise has activated organizations such as Google and LinkedIn to intentionally create and accelerate the high-trust and resilient relationships that lead to higher employee retention, engagement, and collaboration.

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