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Do you love to travel but wish somebody else could plan the amazing itinerary, organize all the details, and guide you throughout the country? Or do you love traveling but don’t have anybody to travel with? Or maybe you love the idea of traveling with others who want to get to know you, make memories with you, take photos with you, and form new friendships with you?

Several times a year, Shasta hosts international trips for groups of 12-16 people. (While most of these trips are for women-only, there are a growing number that are for couples! See our current list!) These trips are truly special as the itineraries are not only full of the “must-sees” but are also planned for magical moments off the beaten path, meaningful conversations with locals, and unique hands-on experiences. These trips sell out every year, so join the mailing list to be the first to know when new trips are announced!

JAN 3-15, 2025

Image by Kaspars Upmanis

A Women's TravelCircle to the Philippines

NOV 1-10, 2025*

Image by Giuseppe Mondì

A Women's TravelCircle to Nepal

*with optional post-trip excursion

to the Himalayas

November 10-14, 2025

JUN 15-25, 2025*

Image by Cat Bassano

A Women's TravelCircle to Croatia

*with optional post-trip excursion

to Slovenia

June 25-29, 2025


OCT 27 - NOV 4, 2024

Oaxaca Mexico TravelCircles 2024

A Women's TravelCircle to Oaxaca, Mexico




JUL 19-29, 2024*

Tanzania TravelCircles 2024

A Women's Safari Through Tanzania

*with optional post-trip excursion to Zanzibar Islands

July 29-August 2, 2024

CHANCE, who traveled to Nicaragua

“Though I have traveled extensively, no trip has changed and inspired me like this trip.”
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