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Shasta Nelson CoachingCircles friendship coaching



Ready to make new friends? Ready to feel closer and more connected to your current friends?
Ready to finally invest in your belongingness? 

Offered twice each year, CoachingCircles are for women who are ready to make their friendships a priority with support, accountability, inspiration, and connection. This popular three-month program includes live teaching and Q&A sessions with Shasta, video classes, member-led small groups, and accountability. 

Looking for a shorter, more affordable option? Join the mini version for only $179!


In a nutshell: anyone who wants more meaningful relationships and is ready to invest more attention and TLC into this part of their lives. If you want more joy and belongingness in your life and are willing to combine personal growth with action, then I’m ready for you! We always have a wide range of ages—from women in their 20s to their 70s.

This might include women who…

  • Feel isolated or alone and wish for more meaningful conversations and connections where they feel seen

  • Have recently moved or changed jobs and want support and direction as they build new relationships and maintain existing ones

  • Have gone through big changes recently and want to re-evaluate their friendships and make sure they’re being intentional going forward

  • Feel like they don’t know enough people and want to be matched with potential friends

  • Feel like they have friends, yet don’t feel like their friendships are as meaningful and enjoyable as they wish


CoachingCircles is a 12-week program that focuses on deepening our relationships with others. Every week, you will invest 60-90 minutes learning about, talking about, and practicing more meaningful connections in your life. With a combo of pre-recorded classes and live opportunities, there will be three different formats:

  • 4 Live Events and Q&As: Shasta will host four live Zoom events throughout the program. They will all be scheduled at different times (i.e. Sunday afternoon, Monday evening, Thursday afternoon) to increase the odds that you can join at least one of them live, but they will also be recorded for you to watch at your own convenience if you’re unable to join us. 

  • 4 Pre-Recorded Classes: Every other Sunday, we will email you a pre-recorded class that you may watch anytime that week that feels convenient for you.

  • 4 Live Sharing Circles: In the week following the class, you will meet via Zoom with a smaller group of 4-5 women to discuss the theme from class. A conversation format is included to ensure everyone enjoys meaningful sharing and bonding opportunities with the women in your Circle. You’ll be matched with a group that meets at a time convenient to you so that you can do these live—you’ll provide your availability in the application! (These are often rated as the highlight of the program!)

  • Connecting Partner: You’ll have an optional opportunity to be matched up to an accountability partner who you can check in with weekly for 30 minutes via phone. This is a great chance to share your intention every week and feel supported and seen, but it’s also another opportunity to build a new friendship!

  • Online Community: Using Mighty Networks, we’ll have a private online community where we’ll share our weekly takeaways, ask questions, and brainstorm practical ideas for strengthening our friendships.

  • Extra Resource! I’ll gift you one of my books of your choosing!

  • The 5 Circles of Friendship, which will teach you how to evaluate the levels of connection within your current friendships

  • The 3 Relationship Requirements that form the foundation of all healthy relationships

  • A framework to self-assess your own friendship skills

  • The ability to identify specific areas of growth and development in your relationships

  • Live coaching and advice, customized to your unique friendship needs and goals

  • New connections with women who are also investing in their friendships

  • Support and accountability in practicing new ways of building belongingness

  • Practices, ideas, and rituals to strengthen your friendships


“Thank you so much Shasta. I learned way more than I thought was possible. I’ve followed you and read your books so I was worried it’d be repetitive but your videos went so much deeper and the process really held me accountable to applying things I’m learning. It was all so very helpful!”
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