proudly sponsors travel trips for women, by women, and about women to places all over the world.

Whether it's the rare and stimulating opportunity to travel legally into Cuba to learn about their politics and culture and how it impacts women, the safety and meaning that traveling with a group can bring to a trip in the Middle East, or a fun and adventurous trip filled with activity in Peru or Costa Rica -- we will keep scheduling trips where women will not only benefit from the connections we make in our destination country, but will also come home with new friendships created among the group that travels together. We're taking new female friendships to new countries!



Women of Compassion on Safari in Rwanda - August 12-21, 2017

Join us in exploring resilient and inspiring Rwanda! This trip goes to Akagera National Park, where we will be roaming for both afternoon and morning safaris! And there are other poignant visits, such as "Hotel Rwanda" and the Kigali Memorial Center in Gisozi. 

Women's Voices in Havana - November 11-18, 2017

Join us in exploring history frozen in time! This trip goes to Havana, Cuba where we will learn the history of the city, salsa dance, partake in local food and see the city before commercialization takes over.

* All trips planned and organized by Altruvistas travel agency